PS3 Brawlstick on PC?

Has anyone got a ps3 brawlstick they’ve tested on PC. I searched around quite a bit and couldn’t find an answer. I know the TE’s will work if you buy a PCI USB card with a VIA chipset on pc, but i couldn’t find anything about the brawlstick.

Essentially i have a ps3 and would like to get a stick that works on my pc as i’ll be using FRAPS to record matches and so on when AE comes out. It’ll be my first time to buy or indeed use a stick for SF games so i don’t want to pay for a TE only to find out i don’t like it. On the other hand i might like it a lot so i’d like something so it’s easy to put in some Sanwa parts if after a few months i like it and then perhaps getting a PCB and using the Sanwa parts to make my own stick. I know all that will cost as much as a TE in the long run but it’d be spread over a few months and at the end i’d have 2 sticks.

But yea the brawlstick seemed like the best choice for that set of circumstances to me, provided the ps3 version works on pc, if it doesn’t i’m kinda screwed and back to square one. So if anyone knows if it works on pc please let me know. If it doesn’t i’ll welcome any opinions on what stick to buy, the only things i need from it are ps3 and pc compatible and to be able to mod the parts, i’m not worried about any sort of soldering cause i done electronics in college so soldering is no problem, just that i could take the buttons and stick out and put in sanwa replacements without having to alter the case.

Sorry for being so longwinded and thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Same rules apply: if you have UHCI controller, it will works. If not, it won’t.

If you have an Intel chipset you should be a-ok.

If not, just pick up something like this.

Or since Sony sometimes grants special permissions to licensed products, you can do it right from the beginning and pick up a licensed stick that uses a standardized H.I.D. protocol. The Hori VLX does this and the Limited Edition Chun Li T.E. is said to work as well but I’m not sure what else. This might especially help if you ever want to use a computer without expansion ports, like a laptop or a mac…

Although all Macintoshes have intel chips, the more recent ones tend to have problems with the T.E.s drivers under windows.

Well i sorta took your advice tonepoet, i went and bought a HRAP V3.SA, works on both ps3 and pc out of the box, all sanwa, officially licensed by sony.

I’m in Ireland so all the links to UHCI cards were no good as i can’t order from The reason i didn’t want to build my own right off the bat is i wanted something i can just get and plug in, the V3 just seemed perfect, especially considering finding a TE over here is just insanely hard…

Anyway thanks for all the help guys :slight_smile: i’ve got the same name on GFWL on PC so if anyone wants to beat my brains in feel free to add me :slight_smile: