PS3 Brawlstick - start button not working


I’m potentially getting a Brawlstick from someone as a backup PS3 stick and I was just wondering if the start button not working was a common problem. I don’t know much more about it than the owner telling me it doesn’t work. Are the PCBs in these known to have some problems? I figure it might be an easy fix but wanted to check to see if anyone had a bit more experience with these. Thanks.


It’s unlikely to be the motherboard. The main suspects are:

  1. Rubber pad behind the button needs replacing, but pressing it very firmly might activate it
  2. Loose or damaged wire connection. Check it thoroughly.


Or the lock switch is on. It only disables home and start on the brawlstick. Doesn’t affect select like it does on the te-s and newer sticks.