PS3 BRUTAL LEGEND Tenacious D Guitar DLC codes


SRK Premium members only (that means if your not a premo, wtf are you waiting for? SUPPORT YOUR SRK!!!).

First 8 Premo’s to + Rep me gets a code to DL the Tenacious D inspired guitar weapon in BRUTAL LEGEND!! AFTER YOU REP, YOU MUST PM ME SO I CAN EASILY PM YOU BACK THE CODE. I WILL RESPOND TO THE PM’s IN THE ORDER OF WHEN I RECEIVED THE REP Failure to PM will result in no code. So…

Happy Repping.:coffee:


+rep added.


5 left!


4 left…


Boo, I haven’t repped enough ppl to get you again!


If it’ll help, you could always rep me.



Still have 2 codes left!!! Read OP!!!


Cant get any of the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 or Borderlands codes can ya Tim?


Already got rid of the 2-3 NGS2 codes and we didnt do anything for Borderlands, unless it was packaged inside the game.

Should have some Ratchet & Clank next week tho