PS3 chat room-Outer Haven (Sparring Room to advance your Main)

After getting demolished by a pretty competent Viper a few days ago, I realized I don’t have nearly enough good players on my friend’s list. So this is an attempt to reach players who don’t mind playing online to test out there skill level. Just about everyone that frequents this chatroom are all competent, mid-level players, some closer to expert than others (lilsix Emblemlord Porkloafking etc…) Seems to be a real shortage of good giefs, blankas, sims, and Guiles, so here’s a chance to really show off if you’re good. More importantly, everyone will benefit by skilled players sparring against each other, then discussing it afterwards.

I’m sure they’ll be some small tourney’s eventually but this isn’t about bragging points. Outer Haven is a chat room dedicated for a small community of gamers that want to take there characters further. Learning some of my match-ups and playing mirrors with a player better than me has helped me greatly, so anyone interested please just post your PSN ID or send me a friend request. (i can’t invite you to the chat without you added as a friend)

Of course the character specific section helps greatly, tks SRK for all the help…

You can contact Omnicloud or Solid_Snake_mgs4 for friend request, then you’ll get a chatroom invitation. Hope to see some new faces and some good players.

Immaturity can also be left at the door. It’s not about win percentages or how many GP points you have or any of that statistic nonsense, everyone fights to get better, see who’s the* best*, then strives to be better than the best–that’s about it…

Thank you

I appreciate what you have going on here, but this is the billionth PSN/XBL ID phonebook request thread I’ve had to close because we have a billion other PSN/XBL ID phonebook threads that are already available. Your request for people could have easily gone in one of them. Should I bother pointing them out anymore? I dunno. Here we go again:

You have the PS3 SFIV Matchmaking Thread and a general PSN IDs thread in the PSN board.

You have every PSN matchmaking thread in every character specific sub section.

You even, if for some reason those are difficult to spot, have a floating PS3 Gamertag thread that I’ve kept open, even though we have all of those other threads available, IN THIS BOARD.

You want 360? Why not! Since I’m already doing this…

Under the XBL board we have:
-Street Fighter IV 360 player roster
-Street Fighter IV 360 Matchmaking
-For shits n’ giggles, Street Fighter IV Friend of Friend thread

…and every 360 related matchmaking thread under every…single…damn…Street Fighter IV character board.