Ps3 connection speeds

My internet is not that bad, but i am on wireless connection. i was never host when i played mw2, but i rarely had 1 or 2 bar games. However, i wanna know that i have the optimal connection from the ps3 to the router possible, especially cuz i picked up ssf4. The vanilla lag was ridiculous (not to mention the random disconnects), but maybe that was just the game, or the people i tried fighting. Does anyone know of ways to speed up my connection? i read about dmz or port forwarding, but people were mainly talking about using those if i couldnt joins peoples parties or hear them, which i could. so i am a little confused, and dont want to mess up what i have going on now because like i said its not that bad. im just treading with caution. for those of you who have had success and want to share, thanks. :china:

DMZ the router for the PS3 and wire the connection to your PS3

That’s about all you can do.

The lag is hidden better in super4 and you’ll notice a larger number of better connections.

When you do an internet connection test on the PS3, what are your NAT settings? There is type 1, 2, or 3. Ideally, you want type 1 or 2 as that means your PS3 is properly talking with the rest of your network. If you get type 3, then you might want to go the DMZ route as suggested above, google and forward the appropriate ports for the PS3, or enable UPnP if your router supports it.

DMZ the PS3 as previously described above through your router. Preferrably wired on a gigabit model using cat6 or cat6a patch cable. Play over a cable or FiOS connection with as few splits off the main line as possible and at speeds of at least 6/2. And for gods sake, install the game to your HDD.

Of course the first thing i did was install. feel free to add me psn.thanks for all the input guys.