Ps3 controller and stick not working on PC

Hey guys I recently decided to start playing sf on pc instead of console but neither my pc3 controller or my Madcatz ssf TE stick works. I downloaded the drivers for the ps3 but it still wont work. My pc can detect both the stick and the controller and it says that they are both working, but it still wont register anything when I am pressing any buttoms or moving the stick. I am using windows 7 64bit.

That may be the case regarding your TE.
The Controller I do not know.

You need to find a UHCI compatible USB PCI card, or have a motherboard with a UHCI compatible chipset.
NEC, AMD and Nvida Chips do not work. They do not/ will not pay Intel for the UHCI licensing fees.
FYI Belkin brand USB cards are re-branded NEC cards.

Intel and Via chip sets does work.

Check out the link JDM714 gave out. Try to look for cards that state they work on that thread.

Your PS3 TE has to be PLUGGED into the UHCI compatible USB card and not any other USB port for your PS3 TE to work.
I have no idea why Mad Catz went for UHCI, but I blame Intel not Mad Catz for the issue.