PS3 controller converter that blocks bluetooth


Wireless controllers are banned but are converters that block the bluetooth sync of the ps3 make the controller tournament legal?

The converter would basically make the ps3 ds3 into a wired controller.

It would bypass the problem of the controller syncing up to the console.


Is there even a product out there that does that?

Can you link it?


No, there isn’t. :frowning:

I just tested my universal converter with my ps3 and the bluetooth do sync up.

The only alternative I have to accommodate ps3 pad players is to have a laptop.

I thought the bluetooth didn’t sync because i would switch from ps3 to laptop between games and the ps3 pad would not turn on the ps3 when plugged into the laptop when it went it to the “searching for ps3” mode.

The converter does desync the controller from the ps3. Tested with the mayflash converter.