PS3 controller hack

Ok so I’m on my 2nd afterglow controller =) and I’m very close but am having an issue.
All the buttons work perfectly except hard punch. When you hit hard punch you get some extra input from the directions.
Extra Input This is 5 button strokes but with extra input during/after.

My wiring:
Tight Angle
Wider Angle : Red wires go to a large common 3.3v.

Any idea how to get rid of these extra inputs? Anyone seen anything like this before?

UPDATE: Chopping off the analog sticks did this. I ended up soldering some of the pins together as a fix. For anyone’s future reference, I’d recommend just working around the sticks =).

is that controller common ground?

That is what I would have asked. Since you seem pretty handy with that proto board, I assume you know how to use a multimeter.
Test the pad (with a multimeter) to make sure that that controller is Common ground or not.

The controller was not what I would call Common Ground. You can tie all of the buttons (minus the start/select/home buttons) to one common spot, but its a 3.33V common (so not ground per-say.)

But as I edited, I fixed the problem that was due to cutting off the analog sticks.