PS3 controller on 360


Can you recommend me a good device to use PS3 controller on 360 ?

I’ve been looking in to Cronus Device Cross Over and XCM Cross Fire Converter 2.0 but I really have no idea what I should be looking for. I have 0 expiriance in this area.


For arcade sticks, a mod is your best option. For OEM pads, you can look at using a PS2 converter.


So witht he PS2 converter I need to use PS2 pad ?


Right because the converter plug has the shape for the ps2 to plug into


You can find what you need in the [Converter Compatibility Thread](Converter Compatibility Thread

None of them, just do not waste your money on any PS3 to Xbox 360 or Xbox 360 to PS3 adapter.

The XCM adapter is no good, besides lag issues the device is unreliable and prone to braking after a few weeks to a few months of use
Th cronus device supposedly does not lag but there are concerns that the cornus device will cause other players to drop inputs and lag their controller.

As others stated above for arcade sticks you are better off with modifying your stick (look into dual-mods)
As for game pads ether select a pad native for your system, if you really want to use a Sony Dual Shock controller, use a PS2 to USB Xbox 360 adapter.
The Mad Catz MLG Pro game pad is alright as it allows physical reconfiguration to PS and Xbox layouts.


This one will work:

Unlike the XCM, it is lagless. I posted about it in the converter compatibility thread long ago. I’ve used it to use a PS3 controller on 360 for Call of Duty, and have used it to use a ps3 stick on 360 as well. It DOES NOT require a wired 360 controller to work, iirc.


Also nearly impossible to find.


Yeah x-arcade carried those and I got one. You do need a wired controller. My afterglow didn’t work, but the madcatz did.

Anyway, your cheapest option is to get a ps2 pad and get a knock off version of that for less than $10 on eBay.


The X-arcade adapters are awful.

Never go for cheap knock offs, in the long run your knock off pad dies and you have to buy another one anyways.

Go for authentic pads only, actual PS2 pads are not that expensive if you know where to look.


Definitely agree against getting knock-off PS2 controllers. The quality in knock-off pads vary so much it’s not worth the gamble imo.

So best bet is to get a PS2 controller and a Xtokki converter because there aren’t any readily available adapters for PS3 -> 360. If you can’t find new PS2 controllers locally take a look at Play-asia. Depending on the color you can pick up the Asia version of the DS2’s (no difference with the Japan / US versions) for about $23 + shipping.


The one I linked doesn’t require a wired controller. I checked.

I’ve never bought anything from xarcade but this adapter is not made by them.

Either way, a ps2->360 solution will be easier in the long run since the adapter i mentioned is harder to get these days.