PS3 Controller on PC

A while ago I made a thread about using a 360 controller with a MAME emulator using X-Padder.

It worked but me having never played fighters with a 360 controller hadn’t realized how bad the d-pad is, so now I wanna know how to use a ps3 controller on my pc via X-Padder, I’ve tried some stuff via searching but nothing really worked.

Wow. Still nothing?

there are some drivers running around on you can look there or google ps3 drivers for windows. but for me, id just buy a ps2 controller with a usb adapter.

i use “11679_Sixaxis_PS3_Win32_Driver_For_PC” it works and is a bit of a pain to get going. the thing to remember is to turn off your ps3 while your using it. even through it’s plugged into your pc the controller is still broadcasting bluetooth to the ps3.

I keep getting stuck at the step where you update the drivers.