Ps3 controller vs fightpad

I mostly play with a ps3 controller but the one thing i hate about it is that you have to reach for the back button to pull off your combos. So therefore, I am planing on buying the 6 layer fightpad so i can play it using piano style pressing. However i am very skeptical about the d pad. It looks kinda big and bulky. I was wondering if anyone who tryed out the fightpad’s d pad think it is just as good as a ps3 d pad. Any advice?

If you checked the official madcatz sf4 thread, there have been a few reviews from people that have played test them. If i recall there was a guy that got his as best buy and posted his thoughts. There has also been a link to eurogamer in that thread that reviews the pad. So far the reviews have been positive, which is expected as they were designed after the saturn pad.

apparently you can do 360 motions on the d-pad easily…