PS3 controller?


So here’s my dilemma: I use a fightstick on my 360, and I am okay with the pad too. A buddy of mine is having a small tournament at his house, but he has a PS3. Most likely that means I’ll be using a PS3 controller. Since I can use the 360 pad I figured I could probably hack it on the PS3 one, but then I looked at a picture of the PS3 controller. The d-pad is four separate buttons instead of a smooth control pad thing. Is it possible to even play with that thing? Seems awkward doing anything that requires a down-forward motion. Anyone with experience care to comment on this?


I use the dpad and have no problems with it. I just can’t kara throw properly. But kara throws aren’t really necessary for Akuma on account of his walk speed.


In case you never knew, just about every d-pad is made from a single piece of plastic, the d-pad on Sony controllers just have the directions separated by the case, and diagonal directions aren’t difficult to do. Your thumb is big enough to cover 2 directions.


Cool, thanks for the feedback guys. I feel better about it now. Looks like I’ll be splitting my practice time between stick and pad, just so I can do well at small tournaments where few if any actually bring a fightstick. I’m honestly not that great with either, but unless the other person is respectably above average I stand a good chance at winning (usually.)


it is possible to play/win with the PS3 controller. I have a few friends that don’t like joysticks & do ok.


Dual mod your stick, problem solved!


interesting… i have been wondering if i need to get an arcade stick to be good in mvc3 , but in my case i cant get an arcade stick here in my country :confused:


I am currently using a PS3 controller and d,f Movements aren’t my problem I have a problem doing dp Motions in the middle of combos and trying to hit up forward and sometimes getting a Straight up jump in clutch situations and getting punished for it. For example doing “up forward” to land taskmaster’s downward leigon arrow and shooting the floor. other stuff have to do is remap Buttons so I don’t have to reposition my hand to aim the leigon arrow special a specific direction. I can’t wait to use stick on this game it is just more accurate to me.