PS3 Controller



When playing as Poison, does anyone have any tips on the best button configuration for your PS3 controller?

Right now I have it as:

triangle - MP
square - LP
circle - MK
x - LK
R1 - HP
R2 - HK

I appreciate any help.


I use a ps3 controller (for both systems) and that’s the same configuration I use and I don’t have any limitations with poison. The only thing that is difficult is red focus simply because pressing square triangle and circle all with my right thumb at once is too inconsistent and awkward.


you can press triangle circle r1 with that set up and get red focus

edit: triangle circle l1, my bad


You mean L1 (PPP)? It’s still difficult because if their not hit in sync then you get ex focus and waste 2 bars and a possible punish


i think it’s easier and more consistent than pressing square triangle circle


I use almost the same configuration but with R1 being PPP and L1 being HP. It is just because i find doing 2QCF or 2HCB then L1 really hard so i switched the R1 and L1 placements. That makes red focus for me circle + R1 which works pretty well thus far and definitely less awkward than circle + L1.


I like your setup, but do you ever throw out EX Aeolus Edge by accident?


Not really no, I kinda got used to this setup because i have been using it with Cody since SSF4.I used it for Cody because charging Zonk with L1 felt more natural than with R1.