PS3 Cthulhu Board with Bluetooth chip for wireless arcade stick

I am planning to buy an assembled Cthulhu board for the PS3. I want my arcade stick to be wireless. I do not want to use a PS3 controller for the circuit board because I do not know how to solder and I do not have the soldering equipment. Plus, I would like to make the arcade stick without a lot of soldering. This will allow me to replace wires or a bad circuit board with ease in the future. My question is, how do I go about making the stick wireless with an assembled Cthulhu board for the PS3? The specifications on the Playstation 3 website says their controller utilizes bluetooth. Can I buy any bluetooth chip set? I was told I can’t because the bluetooth for the PS3 controller is driver specific. However, I do have the MadCaz d-pad controller with a bad circuit board. I was thinking about buying the bluetooth chip for the d-pad controller and put that in the Cthulu board. Anyone know the specs of the bluetooth chip? And how do I set up the arcade stick so i can charge the stick whenever the battery needs to be recharged? I want to charge the joystick just like how the PS3 can be connected to the Playstation console by USB to charge the controller. The Cthulhu has a USB connector for its powersource and I want to modify the Cthulhu board so i can use a rechargable battery instead as the power source. One last question, how many volts do I need for the battery? This is a lot, but I appreciate the help!!!

how do u plan to achieve this? all of those would require soldering

why don’t you just use this

I am not sure. I am new to this and very lost. The end product would be a Cthulhu Board modified for wireless play with a rechargeable battery similar to how the PS3 is charged by USB cable. What parts do i need for the modification? What parts would need to be soldered to the circuit board? A few soldering is ok. I just don’t want the whole board to be a soldered circuit board. I want to be able to change the wires and circuit board as easily as possible. Any ideas? I’m not sure exactly what I need to buy and what I need to do to actually pull this off.

just use an AXISdapter with ps3 controller.
link here:

Judging by the pictures, it seems like the axisadapter is connected to the PS3 by a ribbon. And the pushbuttons and joystick connect to the pin connectors on the axisadapter? Right? If yes, then that solves the wireless and solderless circuit board issue for me. I’m not sure where and how the rechargeable battery is laid for the PS3 controller. I’m assuming if i transfer everything from the ps3 controller including the mini USB connector… Then I can charge the arcade stick just like how I charge the ps3 controller?

Yes and yes. Thats kinda the point of the axisadapter.

Thanks for the help!