Ps3 deactivate system every 6 months


Now that I’ve bought guilty gear xrd revelator, I have very digitally available fighter on my two ps3’s.

I’m going to buy 2 more used ps3’s for peanuts, like 50 each, and install all the fighters on their as well, then go to psn account and deactivate and play my current 2 ps3’s as normal.

So if psn ever gets shut off, I’ve got 4 ps3 slims with all the fighters I paid a lot of $$$ for.

Just wanna know 1) as long as I don’t log in to user names, they will still work ? And 2) there’s no more fighters coming out on ps3 correct?

Because I only wanna do this once, it’s gonna take over 100 hours to download and install, don’t wanna repeat in 6 months if another fighter comes out.


Last I checked shared accounts need to check in online for them to work.


Well, I think it’d work, but you’d really have to be a crazy bastard and/or dedicated. We’re not talking gamesharing but using a single account and (1) downloading your games on your two PS3s and then deactivating your consoles directly from the XMB, (2) activating your two other PS3s, downloading your games, and then cutting off all access to the Internet on those systems, (3) going to the Sony Web site and selecting “deactivate all,” and finally (4) activating your original two systems, correct?

You could check if your nefarious plan would work between step 2 and 3. After you download your games on your two new systems, delete your saved Internet settings on your PS3, or make the PS3 expect an Ethernet cable and just don’t plug it in, and then see if your games work then.

Only less than a handful of games have that dreaded “gotta log on PSN” DRM that Final Fight: Double Impact has. In fact it probably was just that one game and one or two other older Capcom games (Bionic Commando 2 or something).

  1. Does not work that way
  2. We don’t know, Sony has not completely stop PS3 support.

  1. Why not? When you select “deactivate all” from the Web site, that clears your slots from their end, but a PS3 that’s not connected to the Internet isn’t just going to deactivate itself, and you don’t need a persistent connection to the PSN to start your games unless it’s the 0.01% that need it (Final Fight and one or two others).

  2. Maybe he only wants to protect his PS3 games? If there aren’t anymore PS3 fighters, it’s only because they’re on PS4 now.


Yes triple lei, your first post 100% my aim. I’ve made the decision that ps3 is my last console, I’ve got everything on it that I will ever need, the rest I’ve got my ps2, ngc, dc and og xbox.

Thanks for the info.

So definately no new fighters coming out on ps3?


After reviewing what we have here, we’ve come to the decision that, we can no longer allow any more talk on PS3 gamesharing/deactivating as it can and has been used to allow people to continue to play games that they have not legally paid for and discussing methods that allow this is prohibited in SRK.

As for whether or not any new fighters are coming out on PS3, no one knows.