PS3 Disc version NTSC - no HUD


I have a cousin who was not able to see the HUD when playing his newly bought USF4 disc. I copy’d and pasted below what he has written on another forum for further help here.

Hi everyone

I purchased the disc version of Ultra SF on launch day and I’ve noticed there is no HUD in game. First thing I did was download the DLC for the costumes that I got with the pre-order and then I updated to 1.09. I noticed the HUD was missing from every game mode, I thought that they changed it up with Ultra. I checked the options and the HUD is enabled and all boxes checked off. When I click on HUD setup the screen goes all black and I have to quit the game and then the ps3 reboots.

I see only one other person has the same problem as me so far but I tried to delete game data and start from scratch and it hasn’t resolved the HUD problem. Anyone know if Capcom has a support # or forum?



isn’t there hud control in the options?


O____O Two years and only one post?

But yeah, if HUD control doesn’t work then either

A) You bought a faulty disc


B)The DLC or Update you downloaded is causing some bugginess, try deleting both, doing a clean install (if you can/have installed it already), and see if it works without the DLC or update.


C)Your console is about to take a shit.


Im pretty sure I had more posts but I guess they were wiped for some reason, I was pretty inactive on this account anyway.

A) I was hoping this wasn’t the case, maybe it was one of those bad first batches of discs.

B) This was my initial guess to the problem, he hasn’t tried that yet so I will tell him

C) His console hasn’t had any problems with any other games, so I doubt its his console that is the problem.

Thanks for the input!

Edit: He got it working! He just had to delete the game data and re update it again.


…I have two PS3’s in my household …I’ve been playing USF4 on the living room PS3 with no problem for a couple weeks …when I finally got around to playing on my bedroom PS3, I too had no HUD appearing! …the main difference between the two Playstations that I can think of is the one with “no USF4-HUD” had save files from both SF4 & SSF4 and all my old trials & records transfered. (btw …my copies of SF4 & SSF4 are hidden somewhere in my storage unit)

…Is it possible that there is a way to toggle the HUD without deleteing the game data? …wasn’t there a way to toggle HUD in previous versions? (like a hot-key combo on the pause menu or something …?)


Yes, there’s an option in settings to toggle the HUD off or on.
Did the copy of USF4 with no HUD come with any DLC content? My cousin had to delete the DLC data then update it again after. (I don’t think he deleted the actual game data).


…thanks OneLastHero, but that doesn’t work …the setting in OPTIONS/SCREEN CONFIG/HUD DISPLAY doesn’t work …I’ve tried to toggle it with and without saving …trying to ‘move’ the HUD POSITION just gives my a black screen I can’t get out of without rebooting :frowning:

…I don’t want to delete the game data since it appears to have saved over/onto my existing Super Street Fighter IV game data (as the date-stamp indicates in my “Saved Data Utility” on my PS3 root game directory) …I’d hate to lose all my trials and such I did on SSF4 a couple years ago


…OK, OK …so as apprehensive as I was to delete the “game data” (which was still date-stamped March-2011), I now know the “save data” is the one I was worried about losing (trials, records, and stuff) and the “save data” is independent of the “game data” …so deleting the “game data” killed all the DLC but fixed the HUD!!! …so then I just had to re-download the DLC and I’m a happy-camper …Thanks for the tip OneLastHero!!!