Ps3 display all wack

out of nowhere my display/alignment is all wack and shits cut off at the top and bottom. kind of like its “zoomed in” a little so not everything is visible. does anyone know how to fix this?

hold the on button for like 10 seconds

it does that when you change the settings for a different TV

i think that’s the problem anyway?

eh, turn on the system then hold the on button? didnt do anything. turned off the system, then tried holding the on button again. the psn bar at the top is still cut off =\

i’m so sad. when i play COD i cant even see the 2nd teams score

i even reformatted so now i need to download all the games again

Change the resolution then, if the power button trick doesn’t work. You might have to do the power button trick a couple times. You might also be zoomed in to much on the ps3 or you tv.