PS3 Dual Shock PCB

I’ve seen a video of a 360 controller used as a pcb it even had a step by step video on where and what to solder. I just wanted to find out if anyone can provide or has ever made dual shock 3 controller pcb. I don’t have any idea how to make one from scratch but atleast a diagram would do so I can ask assistance from some friends.

Using DualShock 3 would be hard.
Hard for you.

Can you solder to all those tiny dots?
And the DualShock 3 you have might not have that ribbon connector up there.
Because if it does have it, then you can use AXISdapter from Toodles or Leo v2 from Gummowned.
With the ribbon connector, using the AXISdapter or Leo v2 will make using the DualShock 3 super easier.

thank you very much for giving an insight on this.

so a PS1 or PS2 PCB would be much easier and different from using a PS3 DS?

A ps1 controller would be the easiest of the 3 systems since it is a common ground pcb. The ps2 and ps3 both are not common ground.

What are your intentions to do with the pcbs?

ill be building my first custom stick from scratch. so pardon my ignorance and inquiries.

[]PlayStation Controller and use Converters to play other Consoles.
]Cthulhu based Arcade Stick if just for PlayStation 3 or Multi-Console Cthulhu for more.
The only reason anyone to use DualShock 3 or SIXAXIS is for Wireless PlayStation 3.
Otherwise, just use Cthulhu for Wired PlayStation 3.

What all systems are you looking to have the stick work for?

A better solution is to look into purchasing a Cthulhu board from Its a ps3 controller board that was suited to be used in arcade sticks.

i’m from the philippines and focusattack doesn’t deliver internationally, lizardlick is still out of stock.

i was checking chtuhlu and as well as the axisdapter but it’ll cost me a lot because of the shipment.

i’m just going to build one for a ps3.