PS3 dualshock 3 pin layout

@jdm714 you’re always a big help!!! Thank you!

just wanted to make sure if i understand the distribution of the grounds before i open a dual shock 3.

feedback please

is the resistor really required for the whole thing to work?

can i use the the wires connected to the rumbles (the dual shocks) for an LED replacement?

It is Common, not Ground.



sorry for the term :stuck_out_tongue: common i mean. but are the distributions correct on the colors that i made?

now i’m confused because of the resistors :frowning:


thank you :slight_smile:
last. can this be done without going through terminals? i know it’ll be messy but i just want to know.

thanks for explaining why the resistors are needed as well


how was the black part on the pcb removed? was it just ripped off or was it soldered off? here’s what i’m pointing at:

It came like that.
Both come as how you see.
There is more than one style.

i think mine’s the second one the one that has a black part. so is there anyway to solder through that or do i need to find an old dual shock 3 just like what he has?

What you have is the old one.

i see. but is it possible to just solder the wires directly to the pins? or can it be taken off and i’ll see the same picture?

Shove wires for the non-cool way.

Buy AXISDapter for the cool way.

Remove for the hard way.
You will not see the same thing.

now i get it. so you just need to insert the wires without soldering them. i wasn’t able to get this when i read it at slagcoin.

it turns out my dual shock was an old model and i did a solderless mod. was able to fit everything but only the home button seems to be working. already soldered a resistor and made the ps button work but the other wires doesnt seem to respond. help please.

I’m pad hacking a DS3 w/o the 20pin connector. The schematics posted above are a good help to visualize wiring.

Has anyone seen pin outs for L3 and R3? I’ve searched yet I’m having trouble finding info for removing the analog sticks on a DS3. Anyone?

Edit: Excellent breakdown of DS3’s multiple internal variations.

i’m trying to do the same thing with my controller/stick. what did you use to scrape the black stuff off the pins?

You can use anything from an exacto knife to a mini eyeglass flathead screwdriver. You don’t have to be TOO nice with it, but do it nice enough that you won’t tear up the copper underneath the black.

It’s cool you’re researching and reading old threads to find information, and bumping a 6 year old thread with 2 year old replies is better than starting a new one but for future reference, please post general questions in the "Absolute Question and Answer Thread v3"

oh, i was thinking something special like cleaning solvent or sanding down. thanks for the response.