PS3 DualShock Trigger problem (L2, R2 buttons)


I noticed that with the standard Ps3 DualShock, the L2 and R2 buttons (triggers) don’t work unless you press them until the bottom.
I mean, those buttons are digital, and have some activation range that is used in car games as the gas pedal, and such…
…and in this game those buttons don’t work with a gengle slight press, they only work if i press them to the very end, to the bottom.

This is very anoying for me. With the default setups you have L+M+H in the R2 button, so i dash and use Hypers with that button, but if i play gently that won’t come out, and every time that happens, i lose a character.

It happens too with a DualShock2 connected by an USB port, you need to press that R2 really HARD.

Street Fighter 4 don’t have this problem.

I know most of you play with fightstick, i do too, but my fightstick buttons and stick makes an incredible loud noise when playing, so i try to use DualShock pads at night, to be silent…


Are you… *asking *something?


The whole DS3 is analog, so depending on how the developers set the level of engage for attacks and shit, you may or may not have to press harder or softer. Or, get an all digital pad, might want to try to find a USB Saturn pad on ebay if you can.


I thought DS3 pads had pressure sensitive triggers. Whenever I played SFIV, halfway/midway compressed, an command would come out. Same as GT5, you can control the throttle with the triggers. DS2 pads should just be one level action since my friend uses that on 360.