PS3 Error Message 8002AD23

Hi is anyone else having this problem? Basically it keeps kicking me out of my profile pretty much every 5-10 mins so its impossible to play online at all.:arazz:

Im using Virgin Broadband 20Meg.
Belkin 54 G wireless router.

Funny thing is my laptop and the xbox have no problems and even the PS3 itself is capable of using the browser- so i am baffled as to why im getitng this problem.

My hunch is that the PS3 is being picky about the router? cos it cant be my modem or connection otherwise the Lappy and 360 would have the same/similar problem?

I have tried a few things such as resetting the router, reset the PS3 to default and set it up again from scratch, disabling Media sharing, UPnP is not available so whether this is better on or off i dont know? I have a NAT2 type which i am led to believe is the better type.

I tried piggy backing onto my neighbours connection which is a netgear router, this was fine for about 30 mins until i had the same problem, WTF!:looney: Thats a completly different router and internet connection - so now i am comletley screwin about this.

My plan for now is to buy and ethernet cable and wire it up tonight and see what happens.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what they did to rectify it or if anyone else can confirm that they have Virgin Broadband and what Router they use if theyre not having any problems - or any gaming routers people can reccomend?

Sorry its a long post but wanna paint the whole picture for people. Any help given is greatly appreciated.


The antenna inside the PS3 is in my experience too small/weak, try moving the console or router so that they’re closer to each other or simply go with wired ethernet.