PS3 Fight STick and HRAP1 ps2 stick FOR SALE

Both are in Great condition and work perfectly
PS3 Fight Stick stock $40 shipped
PS2 HRAP1 (chrome.Silver back with green buttons) $80 shipped
both shipped to the lower 48 for $110 paypal only.

Email me at


What “FightStick” is that PS3 one?

Are you interested in stick trades?

it came out when vf5 hit, it’s black, USB, and it is not a madcatz

sorry not interested in trades, need pay some tuition.

Well Email sent…

PM sent on HRAP1. I can definitely pay via paypal!

HRAP1 sold
PS3 fight stick available for trade for FF13 (360)

Daaaamn I missed this!?!?!

just curious what is so special about a HRAP1, been out of fighters for a while. I’ve seen so many iterations of HRAP for ps3 and 360. Why HRAP1 go