Ps3 fight stick to 360


hey everyone! first timer is there any way i could use my ps3 figth stick se on my 360?
“i bougth it thinking it was for 360 then when i got it realized it was for ps3 that wont cost me anything more i already got new sanwa parts for it”


Dual mod it with a 360 fight pad.


but then i would have to buy another fight pad fudge… idk years of playing this game and now this


Or if you don’t know how to solder just go buy a 360 SE. They are on sale now at
Sell the PS3 SE or donate it to someone who would use it.


Then no. has a promotion going on, you can get 360 SE and try to sell the ps3 one.


Hi there.

Edit: I need to find someone to dual mod one for me, I’m too scared to attempt it myself.


Check out the trading outlet. There are several people that would be happy to dual mod your stick for a small fee.


Do you think I should buy one for the 360 (I have a PS3, but 360 ones are cheaper :p) and then post in the Trading Outlet? I’ve noticed like 90% of the tournaments are for 360 which doesn’t work in my favour. I also noticed I need 50 posts to post there, I have 42. :frowning: Now I gotta go randomly post, with posts that aren’t pointless.


You also can’t sell on SRK until you are Member for at least Six Months.


Oh rageeeeeeeeeee, my last account got bugged and I can’t log on it. Oh well, I shall find a way sir, I shall…


ok so how can i mod it to work with 360 i look around but theres no clear guide or anything i could find some help would be awesome


you sir are a liar


i found something on 360 to ps3 but nothing vice versa


i found something on 360 to ps3 but nothing vice versa


But I found? :sad: