PS3 Fighting Stick

Can someone give a review on the Hori PS3 Fighting Stick, like is it worth buying,moddable?

  1. i guess it works alright.

  2. worth buying if you mod

  3. moddable

I was thinking of posting a thread about this very same topic…

I think it’s a good stick. If you like smaller more portable sticks then it will be great. The joystick isn’t that great and I find getting corners is a little tricky. The buttons feel fine. The layout is just okay, if you were to mod it then I would suggest moving the buttons over.

Lag? None that I’ve felt. Games tested:

Virtua Fighter 5
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
Soul Calibur 3
Guilty Gear Accent Core
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 HD

With those games I didn’t sense any lag.
It has a long cord, 3m. The Home button and other buttons at the top are useful.
Thing I like is that it’s small and portable… some may say that theres no place to rest your hands but I don’t think that. If you mod it it’s going to be great.

personally I think its too small. I find it slipping all over my lap while I’m playing.

its an OK stick for the price, but i fell its small too, used to play on HRAP1 i found trouble with the layout too… kind of get used to it

I want to get that stick too, but I don’t like the button layout, either.
The only other solution is the HRAP3 (the button layout is aproximately the same), but I cannot find it anywhere.
I don’t know how it feels better, to play with the 4 buttons from column 1&2 or columns 2&3?

Man, don’t let the layout be the reason you don’t get a stick. You can easily go to any games controller configuration and move the buttons over so you only use the first 6 and don’t have to worry about the two last buttons. Problem fixed.
Or you can just unsolder the buttons and re-solder them the way you want.

Canto, 10x very much for your answer, I posted on the “newb” topic, but no one replied.
So my only 2 questions are:

  1. On the FS3 (and HRAP3 also), the first column of 2 buttons aren’t too close to the stick?
  2. On those 2 sticks, it is better to use the use the first 4 buttons (tekken for example, or SF2) or the middle 4 buttons?

10x :wink:

Personally I don’t think the stick is too close to the buttons… it looks like the same distance on the HRAP 3 anyways ( unless I’m mistaken ). You’ll get used to it if you think it is anyways.

It’s much easier to use the first 4 buttons on tekken. I’ve played 1 full day of tekken with the middle buttons and 1 full day with the first 4 buttons and felt that the first 4 were much easier to use. The middle 4 are spaced too far apart, and playing street fighter would be crappy if you were to use the slanted buttons.
ON SC3, I use the Last Blade config… where I use the four top buttons, and it’s good because the shape is exactly for your fingers’ sizes.
Also the first four is way better for Virtua Fighter 5. If you used the middle four then one of the buttons would be slanted down and it’s quite annoying when I was playing with the middle four lol.

My suggestion would be to config the controls in the game and test out which layout you like best then either mod it or just keep the config the way you like it.

10x man, you were more than helpful.
I still hope that I can find HRAP3.If I cannot find it anywhere, I will buy the FS3.
Regards! :tup:

10x for the link Canto, I sent them an email, their sending procedure is a little odd.
The “Add to Card” button sent me to a paypal donation page, not a buying one.
So if everything is fine with their reply, I will order from their shop. :slight_smile:

Nice! That one already has a Sanwa Joystick, so you won’t really need to mod it at all!

Buy me one while you’re at it… :sweat:

You’ll still need to mod the buttons though, but it’s an easy mod, Just pull the wires out and just push them back onto the new ones.

If using, be prepared for a long wait, no communication, and a very odd sale with the direct from Paypal/donation procedure.

Not many people have had very good experiences with them at all.

I hate to discredit anyone, but I honestly don’t want to see someone go through a nightmare in ordering either. :sad:

Here is just one of the posts I refer to with experiences with

Oh, I thought that also, I am still waiting for their reply to the mail.
I think I will change my mind because the HRAP from will come slow (from what I read), the shipping will cost me a lot (heavy weight, long distance USA->Europe) + taxes in Romania.

It is very strange(and sad, also) that the HRAP3 isnt’a available anywhere(except, not even at Play-Asia.No amazon, no ebay.:frowning:
If someone knows another shop, I will looking forward to hear it.
10x again all!:tup:

I recently purchased two of these after finding out they work for PS2 games on PS3, but I’m not 100% satisfied.

I’ve tried the sticks out on two different model PS3s (60gb and 80gb), and both have random Up inputs from both controllers. It isn’t something that has really made the sticks unplayable, but they’re far from perfect.

I’m hoping that this is just a crappy soldering job from manufacturing, because I plan on replacing stock parts anyway. If its a board manufacturing defect though, I’ll be ticked.

Oh well, at $30 a piece, I really can’t be too angry.

Has anyone else noticed this? I happened to be in training mode in CvS2, I walked away for a sec, and when I came back, Sagat was randomly hopping on his own. o_O

Never heard of it and never experienced it. Maybe yours is just a lucky one lol.

I am gonna send Ed my HFS3 to mod into a ArcadeInaBox PS3 stick :slight_smile: