PS3 Fighting Sticks And BC Question(s)

Here are my questions:

1.) Is there anyway to mod a stick to allow it to work with PS2 BC?

2.) Do any PS3 fighting sticks work with it?

3.) Are there any (good) PS3 to PS2 adapters?

After spending $100+ right now I don’t really want to spend more on a PS2 stick, so does anyone have any ideas of what to do… Or do I have to get a PS2 stick?

There’s no USB -> to anything below it. In other words you won’t find Xbox360/PS3/Wii sticks that have an adapter to any previous console. You’ll need to get a MC mod.

Mad Catz FightStick and FightStick TE do not do Backwards Compatible.
Other company Arcade Sticks like HORI do.

So if you buy FightStick or FightStick TE, no do PlayStation 2.
Would have to replace PCB with something else, like a Cthulhu.

There is no USB to anything.