Ps3 fightpad disconnecting

So I use the Madcats Street Fighter X Tekken ps3 controller for SFV and it randomly disconnects. The dualshock 4 is always in and connected and yet it still happens. It used to be fine for an hour or two but now is occurring more quickly and more frequent. Any ways to fix this?

You check your DS4 timeout settings? Could possibly be set to ‘10min timeout’ after the PS4 3.5 update

Does the issue occur while using the pad on ps3 or pc?

Any kind of controller or stick that wasnt meant 2 be used on PS4 unfortunately seem 2 come with problems. From disconnecting to just having bad response times. If I was u I would look into getting an actual PS4 pad.

Thanks for the response guys. I set the ds4 to never turn off and it still seems to occur. Also this problem has only ever occurred on sfv ps4, never happened on ps3. Will probably have to fork out the money for sfv controller.

odd that some ppl have this issue… I have several (like 15+) sticks all varied builds/PCBS and none exhibit this issue.
I do use a really cheap powered USB hub (this one…the 1.1, $8.95 version) and others have said using a hub (not necessarily that one) fixed the problem