PS3 FightStick: D-Pad Stuck


Hey guys, i was helping a friend look at his fightstick. Its a PS3 SE version with sanwa mods. It was working fine until recently it stopped responding. Turns out something is wrong the PCB.

If you leave it on LS or DP, the stick wont respond at all until you get a game started, but its stuck on the “UP” position. The character just keeps jumping up, but you can move left and right. The attack buttons work as well. If you push “Down” the character stands, but doesnt crouch. If you put it on RS, it doesnt jump anymore but you cant move the character at all. However in this mode, the “HOME” button works and the punches and kicks work, but no directional.

So in conclusion, RS mode kills the directional positions and since its not “locked” in the “up” position, I can access the Home button. However, when in DP or LS mode, the directionals are functional, but somewhere on the PCB its constantly activating the “UP” position thus home button doesnt function anymore. BTW, I unhooked the wires that connect the joystick to the pcb and its still stuck in the up position. I looked at the PCB but im not really good at figuring anything out. Doesnt seem like anything is on the traces or overlapping. But im not sure. Is there a way to fix this aside hacking up another pcb or buying another one?