Ps3 Fightstick dual mod Q's


Hey guys. I’m dual modding a Round 1 Ps3 TE. I’m using a 360 fightpad. I’m also using an imp v2 so that I’ll only have 1 USB wire running out of the stick. If I’m using the Imp v2, do I still need to connect the 360 pad’s 5V to the TE’s pcb? I’m also curious about the ground. Just connect 1 ground from the pad to 1 ground spot on the TE? or does it need to be daisy chained? I’ve had people tell me both. Thanks.

Also, the instructions for the imp v2 say to connect the “guide/home” button to “F” on the Imp v2. Is this supposed to be from the TE’s pcb or the 360 pad?


Question one/two:

Question three:
Both I believe.


Hmm. I soldered both the guide and home buttons to point “F”, when plugging in the stick to a 360 I held the home button and I was able to navigate the menus and start a game, yet pressing the home button didn’t bring up the guide menu when in a game. any ideas?


You still need to connect 360 Guide to Home on the TE PCB.


I used a Y configuration, Guide to Home, and a wire running from that wire to point F.


When you plug the stick in with the home button held, is it always in 360 mode? If you’ve hooked up everything correctly, each time you plug in with home held it should alternate between 360 and PS3.