PS3 Fightstick For $56.94 Shipped

The website is I ordered some hair clippers from them and their prices are real, but they make you sign up for a trial subscription to something with your order. When I ordered it was eMusic, now it looks like Realpass. Orders are fulfilled by Amazon, but they can offer a lower price because they get a kickback from whatever trial service is being offered. Use it for a month and cancel and you don’t get billed. Here’s the PS3 stick:

They have the 360 stick, but it’s $73.94.

If you were planning on buying a PS3 Fightstick anyway, I’d recommend buying it here if you can spare 15 seconds to cancel whatever service you have to take to get the lower price. I cancelled eMusic without getting billed, and got free MP3s out it too. It’s the everyday price, so there’s no rush. Just passing the info along in case someone here can use it.