Ps3 Fightstick on a MacBook?

I just moved to college and they made me get a macbook pro. It’s the unibody one so its intel and I have windows on it, but my PS3 fightstick wont work. It recognizes the device, but doesn’t register any inputs or provide any power to the unit that i can see, cause the turbo leds wont light up. SO:

Has anyone gotten a fightstick to work on a macbook? How? do i need to buy a ggpobook?

It probably has an Nvidia chipset. Your fightstick should work when booted into OSX. Windows? Nope. Sorry, man.

I have a white macbook with an nVidia graphics and it works fine in windows and OS X.

I think only the graphics chip is nVidia, the north/south bridge controller is all intel.

I mean the motherboard chipset. It’s Nvidia on all aluminum Macbooks and Macbook Pros. I could be wrong. I have a late '08 aluminum Macbook, and my PS3 Fightstick will work on OSX, but not Windows.

Alright, so heres the new question; will an XBOX fight stick work on a nvidia macbook IN WINDOWS???

Edit: actually, lets put it this way. What readily available stick/adapter setups will work on an nvidia macbook in windows? This is the ultimate question

The Xbox 360 fightstick will work in Windows, but not OSX (I think.) I believe you’ll have to download a driver for the 360 stick, though.

I have a xbox 360 TE fightstick and a macbook pro with an NVIDIA chipset
what do I have to do so I can play SF4 on my macbook using the joystick on Steam?


I’ve had a PS3 FightStick and FightPad work on an older MacBook, dunno about the new ones though.

I have used a few of my xbox controllers on my mac, while I cannot say it is the best solution (especially with regular analog sticks) a fight stick probably can work on this driver. You will manually have to input what each button does. As for SF4 on a macbook, street fighter IV has to be out for mac, so you would have to dual boot OS to use steam, and thus you could use the stick with windows.

i personally have tried many ps3 controller/joysticks and never ran into a problem with home+start on osx or bootcamp. for 360 versions read this thread, u will be covered for osx. as for bootcamp i never ran into a problem with the driver m$ supplies

that driver eh gets really friggin complicated. use the srk driver it works and good too its a mod of the tattleboogie

Macs use an intel chipset. NVIDIA is just the GPU…

edit: i stand corrected. it appears that in the unibody macbooks, nvidia has taken control. hmm, did not know that.

If its the NVIDIA chipset… then why does it work on the mac side, but not the PC side? Its just a matter of a driver being written/modified, im sure. The controller CLEARLY works on the chipset, apple seems to have no problems supporting it. Leave it to win-blowz to fuck up a free lunch.

smh, i REALLY dont want to have to buy buttons/sanwa stick for my wii fightstick (tvc) just so i can play sf4 via bootcamp on my lunch breaks at work (conference room, ftw!).

A good thing to know is that the Wii FightStick (SE TvC) DOES work on windoze.

Just do this (i might be forgetting a few steps, like the initial pair of the wiimote with the pc):

  1. get your wiimote handy
  2. restart your machine into windows
  3. download glovePIE (install that shizz)
  4. once glovepie is installed reboot again
  5. as soon as windows boots up (and you log in) IMMEDIATELY/QUICKLY start GlovePIE (open Fighting Games.PIE) and press and hold the 1,2 buttons on the wiimote… (what sucks is that the drivers will only SUCCESSFULLY install if you do it, like, right away when windows boots up) this will pair your wiimote and install the drivers.
    (drivers on windows suck ass – if its being a bitch, start pressing buttons on your wii fightstick when you click “detect inputs” – i found that this usually kicks windoze in the ass and makes it complete successfully – dont hit apply when it finally recognizes if you’re using my PIE).
  6. You’re gonna need a basemap for the key config… i’ve saved you time and made one (home button is start, so is start [for some reason PC sf4 has two different types of “pressing start”])

Its complicated the first time, but after that its really VERY simple. It becomes a matter of restarting, opening glovepie/the PIE file holding 1/2 on wiimote then clicking detect inputs while mashing a button… then it works and you open sf4. Takes about 1 minute once you get used to it.

Now, someone write an extension to GlovePIE that will work with the PC Wired Stick 8838 :wink: