PS3 Fightstick: strange behavior?

Alright, this is originally relevant to trying to get a PS3 TE to operate on a PC with a Nvidia chipset, but the issue began to escalate to the extent that I think that it possibly deserved it’s own thread. Essentially, I attempted to get my PC (Running Windows Vista 32bit w/ AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+/Nvidia nForce 430 chipset) to recognize my PS3 TE through a Syba SD-VIA-UH2 PCI card. The card itself installed without a hitch, but the TE when plugged in would only register as an “Unknown Device.” I initially tried troubleshooting by disabling the VIA USB Host Controller, uninstalling the “Unknown Device”/TE and plugging it in again, etc but to no avail. I then plugged the TE into my laptop, (HP Compaq 6510b) which due to having an Intel processor would accept the device without any problems in the past. But the TE this time was also being recognized as an “Unknown Device.” Immediately after, I plugged the TE into my PS3; inputs were not going through at all!

In addition to the fact that the device isn’t being recognized by any of my PCs or the PS3, there are also some interesting symptoms being illustrated by the TE. On each button press, the turbo led indicators illuminate; not in the same way the turbo function usually works. Holding down the Home or Start and Select buttons causes the leds to flicker and sometimes not illuminate until the Home/Start+Select buttons are depressed. Here is a video of what’s up.

The reason I’m posting here is because the PS3 TE manual only recommends ensuring “the USB cable is placed firmly into the controller port.” Any other attempts at searching for solutions only yields only stuff pertaining to the recently fixed PC AE input problems and TE unboxing videos/reviews from 2009. Does anyone have any answers to what’s happening here?

I’d hate to be the bearer of bad news but what appears to have happened is that the TE’s PCB may have shorted out when it was connected to that PCI card. The fact that it shows up as “Unknown Device” is alarming since the product ID and vendor ID are hard-coded into every USB device. For example, when I connect my Xbox 360 SE stick into my iMac, I can’t use it as a controller since there are no suitable drivers, my system sees it as a “MadCatz Fightstick.”

Also, when connecting it back to your PS3 if it doesn’t work, that supports my theory. After watching the video, it definitely appears something is amiss. The lights would indicate that there’s power, but the signal is all messed up.

Another thing that could have happened is electrostatic discharge. Did you handle the internal components of the TE with care (holding by the edges)? I didn’t really pay much attention to ESD until I fried a motherboard one day by touching it.

Ahh. I had figured that PCB damage might have been the case, but I had posted anyways in case it was some kind of “mode” that could be remedial with a certain procedure (like holding down certain buttons when plugging the device in) or so. I was not fiddling with any internal components when I was plugging it into the PCI card/my laptop, so if anything the PCI card itself might be to blame.

But anyways, it’s all good since I had a PS3 Cthulhu lying around. Now I’ll be using this TE shell for a dual mod that I’ve been putting off for too long.