PS3 game updates question

Just wanted to ask about game updates on the ps3. I’m not really sure if it’s the ps3, or the router that’s the problem. Basically, any time I need to update a game, the update stops randomly. I may get 5%, even 60%, or the whole thing if I’m lucky. Also, when I turn on the ps3, the wireless router goes off for a second each time.

I just wanted to ask if there’s a setting I need to change that can help with this.

Hmmm… Weird.

Your PS3 should be able to check the strength of the signal your router is sending. It should be fairly high – above 85%; my signal is usually in the 90’s.
The more material/walls a signal has to pass through, the weaker it gets. Passing through two rooms shouldn’t weaken it that much.
If your signal is falling off, not in that high a range, it’s time to change your router.
Trouble-check your Router first – yes, dig out the old instructions and do what they say!

[This year alone, I’ve had 3-4 different pieces of hardware (mouse, keyboard, monitor) fail on me after years of service. Everything eventually breaks!]

To be honest, if you are connecting normally, and downloads are stopping, your Router might be going bad. I’ve had success with my D-link Router but other people say that D-link is a bad brand. I dunno – I figured it out. In my experience with PC hardware, HP has been far worse! LOL

You may have to reset your Router through your computer which unfortunately means changing your WEP/WP key. Whatever you choose (type) as your new Key, write it down or print it out so that you can retype EXACTLY-AS-IS for your PS3. It’s 32 or 64 characters of pain but that’s what keeps Tommy-boy next door from stealing your credit card info or getting a free ride onto the Net.

Your WEP/WP typed into the PS3 must be the same otherwise the Router will not allow the PS3 to access your wireless network…

Setting up routers and wireless networks can be a pain-in-the-boot. It took me two tries to get this right with my PS3!
(( **** Unless you absolutely have to, NEVER EVER return a PS3 to factory state. It will wipe out your Wireless Set-Up info and you’ll have to start all over again. I learned that the hard way!!! **** )
Most of the set-up is common sense but there are a few gotcha steps that can get you if you don’t check the right option. Keep track of what you choose for options (WRITE THE STUFF DOWN; few of us have photographic memories) so that you can backtrack and trouble-shoot the PS3.

If you’ve tried again and again over a few days, get a buddy who knows about Routers to help. You just might be skipping a step. IF after a week or so you still haven’t figured it out, that’s when you should seriously start thinking about getting a new Router.

Whenever I have connection issues on my PS3 they are fixed just by rebooting my router, I just pull the power plug for a second and let it restart.

Thanks George and Dark. The signal is pretty strong. The router is just below my room. Despite being in another, I still get full green bars.

I checked around some more, and tried disabling the media server connection on the network settings. That seemed to do the trick. My router no longer disconnects everything after turning my ps3 on, and I was actually able to download other game updates along with SFAE with no random stops.

Thanks again for all the help. Just glad that I didn’t have to replace the router, or fix it. I think the initial computer we installed for our router has changed and isn’t being used anymore, so changing the settings would be tricky. For me at least.