PS3 Gamertag Sign-up


Similar to the XBOX Live gamertag thread… If you’re going to play SF4 on PlayStation 3 post up your gamer tag and a little info about yourself so we know who you are. It’s good to add good players so that you’re not consistently playing scrubs online (I predict the first month will be flooded with scrubs). Anyway here it goes.

Name: Javits Arias
PSN Gamertag: jav1ts
Location: Queens, New York (good to post up location so u can add people in your are for better connection)
Local Arcade I play at: Chinatown Fair (8 Mott Street, New York, New York)
Experience: Been playing SF since 1993 (16 years). I’m 22
Main Character in SF4: Boxer(Balrog)
Other Characters: Bison(Dictator) and E. Honda
Stick/Pad: HRAP 2 w/Sanwa buttons and ps2-to-USB converter (until I get my MadCatz SF4 Tournament Edition FightStick)

Other fighting games I play online: Tekken 5 DR, Soul Calibur 4, SF HD Remix

*** To NY gamers that play at Chinatown Fair ***
If you’re curious to know who I am, check out my page


Name: Angela Liu
PSN Gamertag: aliu2008
Location: Queens, New York
Local Arcade I play at: Peter Pan Games at Bay Terrace Shopping Center in Bayside
Experience: Street Fightin’ since SF2 made its debut in 1991. I was but a wee lass of 11 back then. I haven’t been very big into the arcade scene these days, and as such, I’m a casual SF4 player. But I LOVE online play, and I suspect that once I get some practice with the home release under my belt, I’ll be a far more competent player.
Main Character in SF4: Ken
Stick/Pad: Currently using a Logitech Precision Pad, soon to be accompanied by the Mad Catz Tournament Edition FightStick. As a general rule, I’m a better pad player than a stick one, but that might eventually change.
Other fighting games I play online: Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix


Name: Jordan Kessler
PSN: trillin
Location: Tallahassee, FL
Local Arcade: none, but i’ve played at CTF.
Experience: been playing SFII since release and i am 24.
Main: Bison
Other: Fuerte, Akuma, and probably Rose
Pad: TE is on its way


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Name: Josh.
Location: Toronto (Woodbridge to be exact), Canada.
Local Arcade I play at: Lovegetty mostly, I try to go there whenever I get the chance to and feel like playing SFIV.
Experience: Been playing since the release of SF II. Besides just recently going back into the arcades action to play SF IV, I haven’t played SF games in a very very long time. When SF III was released, I played it for a while but then the scene where I used to live (before moving to Toronto) died out and I didn’t have any people/competition to play with so I stopped playing it.

Main Character: Ummm Ryu I guess, he’s like my safety net, when everything else fails etc…

Other Characters: Ken and Akuma just because of their similar fighting style as Ruy. I really really wanna get good with Chun Li and Cammy. I played them casually and I can beat casuals no problem, but I know that if I actually face someone that’s quite good and knows what they’re doing, I would probably get my ass kicked, so I’ll be training as Chun Li and Cammy alot.

Stick/Pad: Currently none, but I have the TE stick arriving probably a couple of days after the release date since it’s getting shipped all the way from the US.

Other Fighting games I play online: None unfortunately. Lost interest in Tekken after the 4th one and I hear SC IV online was lame so I didn’t bother even trying.


Name Andrew Le Nguyen
PSN: SurgingFist
Location: Vaughan Ontario
Local Arcade: I guess Lovegetty, or Nascar Speedway’s broken T5 machien
Experience: I’m a pimpled face teenager
Main: Ryu
Other: Ken, Sagat
Stick: HRAP2 w/Sanwa Buttons
Other games: ST


Name: Sheldon
PSN: CrypticDragon
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada (eastcoast); LOL three peeps from Ontario in a row.
Local Arcade: Lovegetty, they have sf4, but I haven’t gone yet.
Experience: none
Main: Balrog/Guile
Other: Abel
Stick: Custom stick
Other games: ST, STHD


Name: Eddy Tang
PSN Gamertag: ChineseJunk
Location: Sabae, Fukui (Japan)
Local Arcade I play at: Sabae Joyland
Main Character in SF4: Viper
Other Characters: Cammy
Stick/Pad: Arcade-in-a-Box Slim Arcade


I’m new to SF so please go easy on me.
PSN Gamertag: Enop80
Location: Oregon
Experience: Played years ago, but am extremely rusty. (28 yrs old)
Main Character in SF4: Ryu
Other Characters: Fei Long and Ken, not sure yet.
Stick/Pad: Dual Shock and possible new Fightpad.
Other fighers I play online: Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Name: James Nguyen
PSN Gamertag: JSiky
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Local Arcade I play at: None currently, Lovegetty would be the closest one, but that’s about an hour off and I can’t be there more than once a week. York U’s closed down awhile back and haven’t pushed myself to go anywhere else.
Experience: Started with SF2 and have been playing most fighters up til until recently where I’ve just really contained myself to 3S, HDR, random games on GGPO and stuff. Can’t really get into GG or AH.
Main Character in SF4: Dhalsim
Other Characters: Waiting for the console version so I can check out Gen. Also thinking of Balrog, but him being so high on the tier list discourages me from using him right now.
Stick/Pad: Using the SC4 FS3, TE on the way.
Other fighting games I play online: Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix


char is feilong and i live in nyc. psn is blazeu25. i dont think everything else is necessary.


Name: Charles
PSN Gamertag: Rioting_Soul
Location: Richmond, VA, US
Experience: Been playing fighting games casually from 92 till 2004
Main Character in SF4: Fei Long
Other Characters: Vega, Fuerte, Bison
Stick/Pad: FightStick

Other fighting games I play online: HDR


Name: Paul
PSN Gamertag: TommyUnderwear
Location: Waterford, Ireland
Experience: Big into SF2 in arcades and snes. No SF4 exp. Will be playing lots though when released
Main Character in SF4: Ken and Akuma starting off
Other Characters: No idea.
Stick/Pad: SF4 pad starting off, will see what happens down the line.

Add me people, the more I play the better I will be - I guarantee it


Name: Moore
PSN Gamertag: itwasfunny
Location: SoCal
Experience: Played since 93 (24 years old)
Main Character in SF4: Cammy
Other Characters: Most likely Viper or Ryu
Stick/Pad: Whatever type of stick the SC4 stick is.
Other fighers I play online: Tekken DR, STHD, SC4


Name: Ryan
PSN Gamertag: Morieris88
Location: Charlottesville, VA
Experience: Very casual up until now
Main Character in SF4: Balrog
Other Characters: Going to give Rufus a shot, along with more Ryu
Stick/Pad: Custom stick
Other fighers I play online: SS2THDR

Feel free to add me and stomp on me, I’d love to play with some good people to try and get better. At the same time, you can use me as a punching bag warm-up!


Name: Phil
Location: Montreal, North-East
Experience: above average, non-competitive
Main Character in SF4: never played SF4, will probably be E.Honda
Other Characters: Bison, Balrog, Blanka, Gen
Stick/Pad: PS2 Saturn + Pelican Adapter, USB Saturn
Other fighters I play online: HDR (I will quit HDR after SF4 though)


Name: Aykut
PSN Gamertag: HyperMagnet
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Experience: Not totally pro but no noob either.
Local Arcade I play at: Fantasy Land
Main Character in SF4: Cammy
Other Characters: Bison, Vega, Ryu, Balrog, Rose, Gouken, Sagat, Akuma, Dan…
Stick/Pad: Regular PS3 pad or TE if I can grab one.


Name: Razo00
PSN ID: Razo00
Location: NJ
Stick: TE


Name: Jacoby
PSN ID: OmegaDragon
Location: Lawton, Oklahoma
Experience: Casual until 2010. I’m 16 by the way.
Main Character: Sakura, Chun-Li, any of the shotos.
Other Characters: El Fuerte, Abel, Rufus, Rose, Viper
Stick/Pad: HRAP3
Other fighters I play online: HD Remix, T5DR, SC4 is a great game but the online portion sucks.


PSN ID: ChaiThai
Location: SoCal
Arcade: Arcade Infinity
Exp: Casual until recently
Characters: Abel, Ryu, Fei
Pad/Stick: HRAP3