PS3 Games, Dreamcast bundle/ stick, Zune

PS3 Games

All games in like new condition.

Batman: Arkham Asylum $28 shipped
Soul Calibur IV: $14 shipped
Metal Gear Solid 4: $18 shipped

** Zune**

8gb third gen blue zune. Didn’t get much use and is in great condition. Comes with everything you would get at retail box, instructions,usb cable, and unused stock headphones. $55 shipped.

Dreamcast stuff

Dreamcast system: This was bought this year when a bunch of new stock found its way to retailers. Very few hours on the system. Comes with box, manuals, controller,and all of that stuff. $60 shipped.

Dreamcast VGA adapter (it is the 3rd party adapter you can find on amazon): $18 shipped.

Dreamcast Agetec joystick: Doesn’t come with the box, but the stick is in pretty much mint condition. $45 shipped.

If you take the system and the stick I can do $90 shipped for both

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike: Complete game. Manual, case art. : $25 shipped.

Street Fighter Alpha 3: Complete game. Has manual case art…: $15 shipped.

** If you buy both games I can do $30 shipped, or if you take all the dreamcast stuff (system, stick, and both games) I can do $115 for everything shipped. **

** Byrdo case** SOLD

Alright I bought this Byrdo case a couple months ago: .

I never ended up doing anything with it, and don’t really plan to in the future so I figure I’ll try and get rid of it. The case received a small crack on the front left “post” (part closest in the picute), but other than that it is in the same condition as you see in the picture.

I parted it out so it is just the case…no buttons or stick.

revision C0? Does that mean it’s the older one that gives the faulty temps?

To tell you the truth not sure. Someone asked for the revision on another forum so I just posted it here too. Right now temps read at 37c being cooled by a thermalright 120 extreme.

Dam how much did the byrdo case go for?

Gave the buy a good deal. He bought a couple things so I cut the price some.

Great CPU combo. Good luck on the sale.

PM’d about the agetec stick.

Bump. Updated the list and lowered a couple prices. Someone pick up all the dreamcast stuff please…and the zune.

Zune Looks Temping.

Shipping covered even though im in hawaii? 96826 is my zip.

PM sent for batman & soul calibur.

Sent PM

PM sent.

PM me if you don’t sell that agetec. Cash on hand.
I sent a PM to be safe too.

Payment sent for the agetec. :tup:

Halvie your inbox is full. Please clear it and get back to me. I’m interested in everything but the Dreamcast System itself. Let me know what you’d take for that.