PS3 gets Online Tekken and 360 gets Online Vitua Fighter

Who got the better deal?

I think Virtua Fighter is overrated so I’d pick Tekken.

Well wc cant compare becuase …well tekken 6 isnt even completed and we dont know of other online features other than versus…

I think he’s refering to Tekken 5:DR.

I can’t really judge, it’s too subjective. People will probably just vote for whichever game they like more. I personally think both will be absolute garbage online lol. I am glad that this could possibly get more into VF though. Game is the truth, fresh to death, dope, fly, and every other term referring to bodacious badassness of gnarly awesomeness.

where’s the third option of “i won’t play online anyways”?

both; 3D fighting games (other than DOA) finally making the universal jump to online is sweet for everybody…