PS3 Hard Drive Partition Question

Just ordered an Iomega eGO USB2/Firewire 500GB Portable Hard Drive.
This comes in the HFS+ Mac format which I will be formatting for windows.

Here is the thing.
I have a PS3 and WD Media Player Box.

Ps3 doesn’t allow NTFS but the WD Media Player Box does.
I use WD Media Player for large 6gb 720p MKV Movies but sometimes Im moving stuff to the Ps3.

I wanted to know if there was any way that I can divide the disk lets say 100gb Fat32 and 400gb NTFS so it can be read on both systems?

Has anyone tried this?


get gparted from

burn the iso and boot from it, it should detect the external hdd and then it is just a matter to selecting the drive and moving the slider to the size you want and formatting the new partition to fat32.

so basically it would look like this (not to scale):

  1. [---------------500GB NTFS--------------] originally

  2. select the drive, click on ‘resize’, move slider to desired position, should look like something below, apply and wait for it to complete
    [----400GB NTFS----][ unpartitioned ]

  3. when complete, right click on the new partition and format it to fat32, apply and wait
    [----400GB NTFS----][------fat32-------]

hope this helps, if there are any question let me know either here or via PM.

Thanks man!
Sent a PM.