PS3 Hard Drive problem

Googled around the web to find a solution, everything I’ve tried has not work and hoping maybe someone has had the same problem here and got it fixed themselves.

I was in a the middle of the game with a friend and the game froze, I pressed the PS3 button on the controller and the XMB popped up, but not all the menus and it had the XMB loading sign on the top right corner. After a few minutes I restarted the PS3 and t would not load.

The Green light was on (not yellow) but nothing would load, then after about 5 minutes I would get this message:

“cannot start the correct hard disk was not found”

Unlike any videos on youtube, the regular PS3 background did not appear just a regular grey background with that sentence above.

I tried unplugging restarting: Did not work
Removing and replugging HD: Did not work
Holding the Touch Power button till the “consecutive beep” and Restore menu to pup up: Did not work

I’m out of resources to tap, anybody has any helpful suggestions tips, please let me know.

Thank you

Never seen that message in all my years on the PS3. I’d say borrow a 2.5 HDD and slap it in there. If that doesn’t work, your shit is fried.

try pulling the harddrive out, use compressed air and blow out the slot, then put the HDD back in. i get that message once in a while because my HDD tray got a little bent… but restarting the system or popping it out and putting it back in works for me.

Your hard drive is probably corrupted somehow. You’ll find that you get the same message if you boot up the PS3 without a hard drive inside. First, make sure the hard drive is seated correctly in its tray.

If you’re 100% sure it’s seated fine and still not working, you’ll need to check it out on a computer somehow. If you’ve got one of these, you’re good to go.

At best, you should be able to wipe the hard drive (reformat it completely as “blank”), and it’ll work again (yeah, you’ll lose all your data). If it turns out that the hard drive is just plain busted, you’ll need a new one.

Hey, it could be worse - at least it’s not a YLOD.

If worst comes to worst and you need to send it to be repaired, try My friends PS3 was fixed fast. good luck man.

that’s crazy. I’ve never seen/heard of that message.

Hard drive’s corrupted, I had this before. If you have a PC which uses SATA connections, hook it up internally and set it to be reformatted in Disk Manager/Disk utility. Plug it back into your ps3 and it’ll say something about needing PS3 firmware and downloading it onto a USB thumb drive. You’ll have to get the latest firmware from sony’s official PS3 site.

All your data is lost though, unless you can somehow copy and back it up while on your PC.

Just wanted to update in case anybody ever stumbles across the same problem.

Yup, the HDD was def corrupted. Figure this out from using one of those Sata to USB converters Jaytoo mentioned. When the HDD was plugged into the converter nothing showed up on my computer. When I plugged in a brand new HDD to the converter it would pop open on my PC.

So I used the new HDD re-inserted into my PS3 and its working like always. I just had to reformat the new HDD and redownload anything I bought from PSN.

However all my save files are gone, so that really sucks. I don’t know how I am gonna be able to recover it from my old HDD as it doesn’t seem like it wants to respond to anything.

I would suggest to everybody though they try backing up their PS3 to an external or thumb drive once a month if they value their save files. There is an option on the PS XMB to do this.

Also reading around the web because of this ordeal the Seagate HDD that came with the PS3 don’t seem to be that good, so it might not be a bad idea to swap out your HDD if you have one of these units.

Try plugging it into a machine running Linux, you can install small thumb drive versions of linux too. Linux can read most file system types so maybe it is possible to recover data off your hard drive still.

Definitely subscribing to this thread!

There is unfortunately at times a lack of information from both MS and Sony when it comes to some problems with the hardware.

This is a problem with a solution I definitely want to keep in mind… I have been tempted recently to install a new 2.5" 500GB HD into my PS3, too. There’s a sale on them at a local Micro Center and the sale price is decent. (However, I’m on a strict budget and Christmas is over for me… Maybe I’ll get a larger HD on sale in the future.) My 60GB HD is over half-full with the little I’ve downloaded from PSN, saves, and all the installed game files that speed up disc access performance. I really don’t trust the 60GB HD to stay ‘okay’ forever. I’ve been very lucky with my PS3 so far!

Too bad to hear the bad news about the PS3 Seagate. Seagate usually had a good reputation in the past. I’ve found in general that I’ve had few problems with alternate manufacturers in the past. I’ve had IBM, Hitachi, Western Digital, and other drives in different electronic equipment including a DVD recorder that I installed a larger HD in.

Go solid state and spend $100+ on a 60GB solid state HDD. It wont improve much for speeds, but they are much more reliable and have no moving parts. The reason why it wont improve much is because when installing games from disc, you’re limited to how fast the PS3’s bluray drive reads data off the disk.

Depends on the game.

With SSD, Gran Turismo 5 Load Times Are Halved

most PS3 games aren’t GT5 though.

Just an FYI on HDD for PS3… each HDD is encrypted by the system of origin so it will NEVER show up on a computer, regardless of OS. this is why if you put your current HDD in a new system the system still requires you to format it. as of now other than the back up option from the main menu there is no way to back up the drive as far as i know.