PS3 HDD upgrade help



I had some questions if somebody has done this recently.

I have PS+. Can I just back up all my saves online, and re-download all my games from the PSN store after the new drive is installed so I don’t have to back up the current hard drive? It seems I can do that. I am not sure though.

I have an old 60gb model.

Also, what model HDD would you guys recommend?


That’s very much the process I went through when I upgraded my 80gb mgs4.
(Minus the online save backup, at the time it wasn’t implemented )
I just deleted everything non-game save and then used the built in backup utility and backuped the saves to a usb flash.
And then redownloaded all my games & dlc.

If you just want added space any 2.5" hdd (generally internal laptop) will work.
if you want speed anything that spins faster than 5400rpm. If you can swing it a Ssd will greatly improve load times, but failure rate is pretty high for ssds still.


make sure to deactivate your account(s) from the system first!


There is NO POINT in buying any internal/2.5" HD that runs above 5400 rpm…

The PS3 is built for 5400 rpm. Other people have tried installing 7200 rpm drives in the PS3 and it made absolutely no difference!

It’s a darn shame that’s the way it works but think about it – laptops are built around being as power-efficient as possible, lowest heat, and a faster drive WILL drain power faster naturally AND be hotter because of the higher motor speed. I don’t know why Sony limited the PS3 to 5400 rpm uptake – maybe it was the heat issue or something else… (Heat and a Sony console??? Where have I HEARD THAT ONE before? Oh yes, the PS1!) It really doesn’t make sense things are the way they are but other people have tried the higher-speed drives and it made no difference access-time wise. They just spent more money for no noticeable increase in system performance.

Also, makes no difference whose brand of HD you buy. They all stink equally or are about the same quality at this point in time. Toshiba, Sony, IBM, Seagate, LaCie, Maxell, etc. – the only thing that really matters is making sure that the drive is an internal model/2.5" and supports SATA interface.

[*** FYI for everyone: *** **DO NOT COUNT ON YOUR HD LASTING PAST 8 YEARS… ** That seems to be about normal life expectancy for any hard drive that gets constantly used – especially the main HD drives that hold the operating systems on any lap top or desktop system. I figure that would probably be true for a PS3 or XBox 360 that gets constant use for downloaded games…]

I’d say to buy a new HD on sale. Get the best bang for the buck that you can… Get at least 240GB or 320GB IF you can afford it. There’s little point IMHO going above 500GB where it gets a lot more expensive unless you’re going to download that much to your PS3 and save it all!

I will say that doubling your original HD space probably won’t cut it if you have a 60GB or 80GB PS3… (I’m looking at getting at least 240GB if I ever upgrade my PS3… 60GB is pathetically small for modest downloads!) Go at least 3-4 times the smaller drive systems. I’d say 240-320GB is safe for most people unless they save ALL the demos and trailers they download!


I dunno about the 7200 rpm HDD’s, but there are tons of videos showing fairly large decrease in loading times when using an SSD. Mainly for games like Gran Turismo 5, where the loading times are pretty horrendous. I imagine SF4 loading with an SSD would be pretty cool. 1 second Vs. screen loading? haha



But a solid state disc is a lot more expensive and the PS3 wasn’t built with this technology in mind…
Also, don’t always believe what you see in videos. There’s a fair amount going in them and I’m pretty dubious about these claims in “massive improvement” in load times. You just can’t get around the bottlenecks in the game consoles…
the SATA interfaces in the 360 and PS3 are NOT the fastest … it’s the 1.5Gb/s interface.

These guys at the link above are saying SSD essentially makes no difference in the PS3 performance…

More to reinforce their view =

Also, at this link
we can see that the prices of solid state drives are double or more conventional hard drives!

Again, if you WANT to spend the money, go ahead and get SSD. It won’t improve the system performance because of the SATA 1.5Gb/s interface limitation. That’s the bottleneck the 360 and PS3 have on HD performance and why it’s pointless to get 7200rpm internal 2.5" hard drives or SSD hardware. For the price of a decent size SSD (240GB), you could just about afford to get another console OR 3 brand-new games.

The one advantage SSD does have is reliability and durability. They WILL last longer and don’t have mechanical parts that wear out. They could last for well over a decade. The average, hard used magnetic drive will last maybe 8-9 years at best.


I would get a cheap 60-120gb SSD if I wanted to put it in my PS3. Since the PS3 bottlenecks it anyways, there’s no point trying to get the “best performing” SSDs with fastest read speeds and all that.

For the “specialist” gamer, meaning one that doesn’t necessarily buy tons and tons of games every year, but one that has a select favorite set of games and plays them for years at a time. For example, a fighting game player, gran turismo player, SHMUP player.

As for the “hardcore” gamer that buys nearly every big release under the sun, I wouldn’t suggest an SSD because of the shear amount of instal files, DLC, etc they would have to go through. Where a small capacity SSD wouldn’t be sufficient.

The early model PS3s came with 60gb, 20gb, 40gb, 80gb HDDs. And if someone wanted to, they could just manage their game installs to the point where 60gb would be enough. If you installed GTA4 with its 5gb file in 2008, I’m sure you would have deleted the instal file already in 2012 if you haven’t been playing the game for 4yrs, and needed more space in your PS3.

Sometimes you can find a 60gb SSD for $50. Which isn’t much for a nice little performance boost. Especially if the game takes advantage of the speed well. Just remember all games perform differently with an SSD. Maybe someone could test out SF4 and other fighting games with SSD loading times. I know for a fact GT5 has a large benefit with SSD loading, since the loading times are really long.

edit: Here’s a nice vid that shows the difference with GT5


Thanks for the info guys. I got a 750gb drive, 5400 rpm. Can’t wait to upgrade. Can’t download anymore games right now, haha.


Just wanted to add.

I did the upgrade to the 750gb drive. It was very easy and simple. Backing up the saves to the PS+ cloud was very convenient. My fatty PS3 saved all my login info as well. Re-downloaded everything from PSN without any problems.

I did screw up by not backing up the old MK2 release, as that is not on the PSN store anymore.

So guess I would caution everybody to back up games that have been taken down from the store, haha.


A faster drive MAY decrease load times, but it will NOT decrease install times. The slow 8 MB/s Blu-Ray drive is the bottleneck there.