PS3/HDMI capture question


Is there any lagless solution for capturing the output directly from a PS3(->HDMI->ASUS)?


Yes, split the HDMI signal with a powered splitter than put one end in the monitor and the other end through whatever HDCP stripper you want.

PS3->HDMI splitter

HDMI splitter->To monitor

HDMI splitter->HDCP stripper-> capture device


I was told today that that would induce a slight lag. That’s terrible. :frowning:


That setup is lagless to the player.

Play from the ASUS and it’ll be exactly the same if you play from the computer where you’re capturing, then yes. You will lag.


Smashbro is correct – a powered HDMI splitter won’t lag. That’s how they set up their capture rigs at EVO, and basically every other major tournament with a competent streaming team.


Is there anyway to capture footage from my PS3 onto a Macbook Pro without a Hauppauge/Avermedia? Is there software on a mac that will allow you to capture footage? I feel like I’ve seen Gootecks use his mac to capture video before but I’m not 100% positive.


Just straight? No like… boxes? Capture cards inside the mac? I don’t think macs can do that.


I think he was using a MacBook Pro with an ExpressCard slot, then a Matrox capture box on that (very expensive solution). If your MBP has ExpressCard support, and you can find an ExpressCard -> USB3 card that’s compatible with the BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle (I don’t know if such a card exists, but it probably does), that could work. If you have a Thunderbolt port, my understanding is that your best solution is the BlackMagic Intensity Extreme. Shows up as a QuickTime Device, as God intended, so you should be able to use it with whatever Mac capture software you want (Final Cut Pro/iMovie or even CamTwist for streaming). So if you’ve got a recent MBP with Thunderbolt (note: NOT JUST MiniDisplayPort – that uses the same connector but does NOT have the same capabilities, look for the lightning bolt symbol by the port), that’d be your best bet.

Note: I haven’t used ANY of the above hardware in the past. That said, my BM Intensity Pro (the PCI-E desktop card version of the Shuttle, more-or-less) has served me quite well, so I don’t feel bad about recommending BM stuff to people, with certain caveats. I’m looking at the Extreme as my next capturing acquisition, as I’ve started to collect capture gear like a lot of people here collect sticks.


You are correct, sir. Though a Mac Pro CAN work with the BMIP as I understand it, which would be a “no-box” internal solution. I’ve used mine while running a Hackintosh and it worked fine.