PS3 HDMI Problem

I just got a my first HDMI cable for my 40" Toshiba HD tv. And I was planning to use it for my PS3, so I plug it into the back of the PS3 and plug it into the TV, I go to display settings, turn it to HDMI then the screen goes blank.

I don’t know what to do, I took out the video cables and switched around at the inputs, and nothing really works. I’m using the AV cables that came with the PS3 right now.

Please help :smiley:

Sounds like you may have either a resolution problem or a handshaking problem. Turn the PS3 off. While the PS3 is off, connect the HDMI cable. Turn the PS3 on and hold the power button down until it beeps. It should choose the optimal resolution for your TV.

I forgot how to do it, but you have to change the PS3’s video output to HDMI.

You can either change it in the options menu, then disconnect your AV cables and plug in your HDMI. Or disconnect your AV cable and plug in your HDMI then hold the power button you hear a beep and your screen is showing. (I think that’s the method)


Thanks guys it started working <3

I switched around the input to HDMI and it came on.