PS3 HDMI to DVI adapter

Anyone know if this kind of adapter works with the PS3?

Buy DVI Female to HDMI Male Video Adapter -

It should work if it’s HDCP compliant.

Edit: It seems people say it works in the comments.

It definetly works. This is what I use at the moment.

Any HDMI to DVI Adapter will work for the PS3, Ive used multiple ones at my friends house, Aslong as the monitor is compliant which almost every monitor is by now.

But you know what works better? This device d3v Similar thing but doesn’t require you to use a DVI Cord.

You normally get these with any modern video card, I have a ton of them that i use.

It will work. But DVI do not transmit sound. You will have to set the PS3 to output sound to RCA connector as well and use those cable for sound.

No worries, I’m going to wire sound through the TOSLINK jack via my Astro Mixamp.

I would skip the adapter if possible and just buy a HDMI > DVI cable. The reason being that the HDMI cable doesn’t have any type of locking mechanism, so the fit from the HDMI cable to the HDMI adapter is going to be a little flimsy.

It says you are in the Philippines, but I have used this cable for my PC to my TV.
Video Cables - <b>HDMI/DVI</b>

Meh, should’ve checked the link more closely, the Play-Asia link is for DVI to HDMI. Looks like I need to do more searching.

Do you need a HDMI Female to DVI Male?