PS3 HDMI to VGA on a CRT monitor?

I saw some adapter cables with HDMI on one end and a VGA connector on the other. I was wondering if this would allow output from a PS3 to a CRT monitor.

Sort of like this one?
For only $138.72 each when QTY 50+ purchased - HDFURY2 - HDMI TO VGA/Component(RGB/Y,Pr,Pb) CONVERTER BLUE EDITION (STANDARD EDITION) | HDFury - HDMI(DVI) to RGB Converters

If so, yes you should be able to. However, at that price, you might as well buy a brand new LCD monitor.

Quick google search shows a lot of hdmi to vga adapters for ~$10.

OP, if you leave near a Fry’s or something why not buy one, try it out, and return it if it doesn’t work?

there are other work around for that.

ultimarc makes some Multi AV cables that have a VGA out (haven’t tested it though, it was made for the PS2 and worked well with the HD TV player software which made your PS2 upscale the video to either some computer resolution (VGA, XVGA, with multiple refresh rates), if the PS3 were to output at such a VGA setting that might be all you need).