PS3 headset questions

I’m looking to get a nice headset for my PS3 and I honestly have no clue which to get. I don’t like online reviews, because most are biased and/or they are paid reviewers.

I’m not looking to spend more than $150 on one, and if there is a wireless one for that price, even better. I’m using a fairly nice pair of headphones right now, but the wires can get in the way sometimes.

If you have a set (TurtleBeach, Tritton, etc.), I’d like to know what you think, and if the mic on it is decent. I know I could wait for the official ones in September, but I’m moving next month, and if I don’t buy them now I never will. Thanks for any and all suggestions!

Astros. Though admittedly, you’ll need one of their mixamps to make the most out of them.

Actually, get their wireless mixamp and pair it with whatever headphones you’re using right now.

I appreciate the suggestion but those look… expensive, unless there is one I’m missing. The reason I don’t want to use my headphones anymore is because I want one with a mic.

Wireless Mixamp is around $130. But I was assuming that you already had a headset with a mic.