Ps3 Heating Issues >_<

Hey guys, I’m starting to have some issues with my ps3 starting to overheat now that the weather isn’t bitter cold anymore… I’ve lost 2 360s (R.R.O.D) because my room is really hard to cool in the summer. After the xboxes died I’ve moved my console off to the side on a more open shelf w/o a back or top above it… but its still getting really hot, and the tv starts to randomly lose signal.

usually when this happens I move a small table into the room and set the ps3 on it with a box fan blowing directly on it… but this is a really inconvenient solution, as i have to shift the rest of the room around (my room is small >_<) and no one can hear me on my mic over the damn fan.

So I need some ideas, what can I do to keep this thing from dying after 30 mins or less of play? Maybe one of those cooling mats for laptops with the 2 fans or whatever? That’s pretty much the only idea I have.
Any feasable suggestions would be great.
(and moving to a bigger house is out of the question)

There are ps3 nykro fan cooler on the market. Not sure if walmart has it.

Which PS3 model is it? If it is the 60 or 20GB, you can try opening it up and putting one of the newer (more power efficient/cooler) power supplies into it. Regardless of the model, open it up and check if the vents and fan blades are covered in dust and use a compressed air can to clean it.

Thats what I went with also it plugs in the wall and has a heat sensor so it turns on when the ps3 needs it. It even stays on after you turn the ps3 off and stays on until the ps3 cools down

and put this one in the front it pushes cooler air in the front vents of the system apposed to the nyko that pulls the air out of the back$(KGrHqR,!igE1NdIiOrVBN((lnZ3bQ~~0_12.JPG

I know a lot of people say that coolers hurt the system but I have never seen it. I have the original 60 BC that I purchased from someone on Clist that broke from heat issues so I reflowed it, removed old paste and puts some arctic 5 and its been running like a dream since

If you need one you might want to check target I saw them on the clearance electronics section

Watch this series of vids, gilksy put a full tutorial on breaking down the PS3. You should tear it down to the processors and wipe off the crap they have on the processors and replace it with some Arctic Silver or similar thermal paste. Make sure you get them as clean as possible. Then you should do what calm suggested if it’s the 20 or 60gb launch ps3. Make sure you clean the hell out of it as well. And check what size fan blades you have there. I know they started putting smaller fans in, I can’t remember off the top of my head what the lengths are.
@RosserRooster, biggest issue with the old Nyko intercoolers was when they had the system’s power cord pass through them. I’ve seen pictures of the back area blackened from power issues, a few people claimed it caught fire. Nyko redesigned the 360 version to have it’s own power supply now. I don’t know about the PS3 version, never looked at it.

Thin or fat PS3, I think the reality is that you need to get an exterior snap-on cooling fan for the system. That was by far one of the best peripherals I’ve bought for my 60GB fatty. It’s probably why it still runs to this day, nearly three-and-a-half years later.

The fan I have is a Pelican (rebranded itself PDP) model made for early-case PS3’s. I tried a Nyko fan but the stupid thing just did not snap in well at all. Several of the “peg holders” would not fit into the PS3 case. The fan stood out a cm or more off the PS3 in areas. What a piece of junk that thing was! So, I took that fan back to the store and traded it for a Pelican and it functions just exactly like the cooler Rosser described. It occasionally makes an awful noise — one of the fans sometimes scrapes about its case – but the problem corrects itself after a few minutes. Yeah, you can definitely change the fans on the unit if they ever get broken. There are similar fans sold in computer stores.

Let’s face it – the PS3 overheats! Big Sony legacy. It was a huge problem with early production PS1’s and the big reason why very few Day 1 release (US and Japanese models) PS1’s are left today. Over time, that heat ruins both the MJPEG video decoder and the CD-ROM drive. No point in changing the CD drives after they fail. The interior’s fried by that time!

Had a really bad day once with my launch date PS1… By far the hottest running system I ever had. On one particular day, the system had to be well over 100 degrees! If I touched the case for too long, I would have gotten burned. How this system ever passed US FCC regulations I don’t know… It was a potential fire hazard and seemed to be built to fail within 2 years! I think only the 360’s have been worse!

Sega and Nintendo seem to be the only companies I’ve ever bought consoles from that didn’t have all the issues first design PS1’s, 360’s, and to lesser extents PS2’s and PS3’s have had. It’s amazing how many of those old cart systems still work. Even my Saturns are still in very good shape!

Its the newer “thin” model. Doubt I’ve had it a full year yet. I’ve cleared out the dust and its still not doing very well. Ill look into these nyko fans.

Thanks for the insight

i think it really depends on how hot your room gets. i think we should focus on that first =D
you said your room was small, is a window AC unit out of the question? you can get a relatively good one for around $50 and it should keep your room icy (if your room is as small as you say).

blowing 80degree air into a system isn’t as helpful as we’d like it to be unfortunately.

the more drastic resolution would be opening up the top and having a fan blow directly onto the components. but that should be the last ditch effort.