PS3 Help: somethin aint right

Sup, I was wanting to hit up this section to see if I could get some help or advice for a situation that is affecting my big-lil’ brother’s 40GB PS3. He’s only had it for about 3 months and he went away on “a trip” while leaving the PS3 with his lil’ bro. When he got it back, the system would come on but it wouldn’t reconize his GTA4 that was already inside.

Then he noticed that his game files were all deleted… He tried repeatedly to put the disc and other DVD, CD’s, Lens Cleaner, old PS games, ect., and system still can’t reconize anything. It can’t even realize that a disc is inserted up side down or not. We both noticed that the disc dosen’t seem to be rotating or making any upload noises while also noticing that there’s no activity at all after a disc insterted judging by the yellow light near the usb hook up in the front.

Keep in mind that all the other stuff is working like when I connect my External HD to system and it still plays the divx files and mp3’s, ect., but I noticed it wont stop looking for a internet connection: the ethernet cable. it constantly searches when it should stop instantly since nothing is even hooked up. also, he reformated the HD once which took like 2 hours and we still got the same results.

apparently something is wrong with either the lens or the thing that spins the the disc is fucked. Possibly something worse. I was told that the lil’ bro might’ve turned off the system while it was saving but we’re not 100% on that. Is there any options to as where we get this fixed without sending it back to Sony or should he say fuck it, try to find his reciept and get a new one somehow?

u can system restore them cant u
try that


I’ll try that…

will report back later

alright, I asked my bro to do a system restore to his PS3 but he said that he’s already done that. It’s still not working.

Is there anything else that could help at all?

hi, im a chinese guy, and ive seen the same issue here in china, let me tell u, the only way u can do is to exchange ur lens, which means ur lens has been locked, or we can say it is broken, exchange a new one, ur problem will be solved

^hey there, uh, chinese guy…

where would I need to go to get this done?

1-800-345-SONY. You may have to pay even if it’s under warranty.

i dont know if u could buy one from usa? (am i right?), but in china we could buy the lens from the very website called taobao. after we bought this, we usually open the ps3 by ourselves and exchange the lens, then the problem fixed.,obzthopczw3q----------------40--commend-0-all-0.htm?at_topsearch=1

heres the link where u can buy the lenz, note that its a chinese website, maybe u will need some ppl who knows chinese well to help u, btw, the lens is not very expensive, about $40-$70


that’s what I thought. thankx guys.