PS3 Hori Fight Stick 3 question

I want to get a Hori Fight Stick 3, but I live in Venezuela and most of the time the company that ships packages from USA has little care when handling them and the boxes arrive with some bruises.

My question is, will the little cardboard thingy that protects the stick when it’s boxed ([media=youtube]EHvQ4WTjq3w[/media]) be enough so that it doesn’t break when it’s being shipped here?

If it breaks, can it be replaced easily by someone with no experience whatsoever in tinkering with stuff like this? I want to keep it just like it came and am not really interested in modding it unless I have to replace the stick.

If they would ship to you, order from Amazon. They have the FS3 in stock, and they always pack everything inside another box and not just wrap brown paper around a retail box. The reail box may or may not survive careless handling. Once the FS3 breaks it will be hell to fix it. Everything is welded in and not at all mod friendly. If you have to order something that will be easily fixable, order a MadCatz SE instead. The box they use is much bigger and has large protectors on either side of the stick. It is much more mod friendly and you will be able to fix anything that’s broken much easier.

I think I read something about the SE stick having a defect that made it register as stuck in one of the directions when in a neutral position, so I’d like to avoid the SFIV SE stick.

Also, price is another issue here. The PS3 Hori stick costs exactly what I’m able to pay for it, and the SE stick is both hard to find and expensive.

Isn’t there another solution?

I think the Fight Stick 3 is a nice, inexpensive stick, and if not being able to (or needing to) upgrade it later isn’t a issue I say grab one, you’ll probably like it just fine. And unless it gets just MAULED in shipping I can’t see it being damaged through normal bumps and whatnot.

If I were you, I’d wait until the second batch of SE sticks comes in so the shortage ends and the quality of the newer sticks is tested. It is very likely that MadCatz will correct the washer problem for the second batch since they probably don’t want to be stuck covering them under warranty. One of the reasons why the current shortage exists is that reportedly this second batch shipment was recalled to the factory for corrections. At a retail price of only $20 over the FS3, I think the SE is a significantly better value. You can of course make your own decision.