PS3 Hori Fighting Stick 3 and Seimitsu ls56-01


Hori Fighting Stick 3 used but in perfect condition. Nice cheap alternative to the exact same stick as the SF4 SE stick. Easily moddable with Sanwa buttons.

$45 OBO

Also have a seimitsu ls56-01 joystick ready for installation for $28. Comes with harness, mounting plate, etc.

Shipping is $8 for the fs3. Buy both and shipping is still the same.


Is that $28 shipped for the LS-56-01? What color is the ball? You wouldn’t happen to have an octo gate for it?


PM sent about FS3.


I’m unsure if that means I can’t advertise anything for sale, attempt to buy anything, or both but if MSU89DAWGS doesn’t buy the stick, I’m interested in it.

If the above rule does in fact forbid me from attempting to purchase anything, please disregard my message.



Yeah dude you can buy all the shit you want, you just can’t sell. Check the rules in the sticky on the top of the trading post forum. If anyone tells you different they haven’t read the rules or are trying to punk you out of buying something.


Sent payment for FS3, thanks!


Stick has been sold. Thanks for the interest guys.