PS3 HRAP V3 SA joystick not centered


I just recently bought a HRAP V3 SA for the PS3 and didn’t realize the dust washer is more towards the left side of the stick. Up close, and with a dark ring around the stick, it was very noticeable. So, I lift up the dust washer and saw that the joystick’s shaft is not centered properly in the opening.

Since I just bought it from the Hori USA online store, perhaps I could try and get an exchange? Although, I may have to pay for the shipping. Or, is it possible to realign the joystick? I don’t really want to void my warranty unless I know for certain it can be done.

Any help and feedback is greatly appreciated.


This doesn’t affect performance in any way.

Yeah, it doesn’t. But I just get this disappointment every time I look at it.

Print new art.

Put boobies on it to stop your focus being on the MINOR “misalignment”.

It’s pretty much like that with every Hori Real Arcade Pro V stick. I have a V3 and a VX, and the art on both is slightly misaligned. As was said before, this doesn’t affect performance of the stick in any way.

If it’s really that big of a deal, the only way to re-align the stick is to open the stick, voiding the warranty in the process. Once the stick is opened, loosen the screws holding in the JLF and nudge the mounting plate until the stick is perfectly centered. Hori sticks have a 90-day warranty, so if you can put up with a slightly misaligned label for that long, that’s the best option.

Other than that, this is just something that’s ubiquitous with every HRAP V I’ve seen, so your stick being slightly misaligned won’t stand out from the bunch either way.

Laying on a new art cover, maybe later on down the road. Thanks.

It’s a relief that it’s quite common, and good to know that I can realign it. I will try that.

Thanks for the feedback.

Where do you get the artwork done for this stick? I have the exact same arcade stick. I’m trying to mod the whole thing and make it spectacular lol.

I managed to center the stick and it looks a whole lot better now. Thanks!