PS3 in tourneys

Just a quick question and i’ve always been wondering this.

Why is ps3 used in most tournaments over 360?

Because EVO uses PS3. They had to make a choice between PS3s and 360s years ago and they went for the PS3s, everyone else followed suit. Which back then might have been a no brainer choice considering the countless RROD problems the 360 had. No one was able to predict the problems the PS3 versions of SF4 and MvC3 would have, and most tourney organizers are not willing to pay for the extra money to swap their PS3s with 360s. They would rather spend the money to get more Japaneses over. Also, PS3 -> 360 converters are more easily available and work better than 360->PS3 converters.

You mean the completely fictional ones people keep bringing up?

PS3s are used because when this console era started people had PS2 sticks and convertors, and being the japanese system it was expected that more japanese games (like fighters) would be exclusives. Beyond that the PS3 can play import titles, where as if you wanted to play an imported game on an xbox you’d need a japanese xbox.

Fanboy console wars aside and NOT wanting to start anything here (so I please beg this is closed), sorry but this is NO fiction:

If you play 360 MVC3 and PS3 MVC3 the difference in framerate when a lot of effects are on the screen is pretty clear. You’d have to be blind not to see it. Luckily timing is not affected. I’d hoped it’d be fixed in UMVC3 but nope.

those videos are not any good. the only way would be wire the same button to two seperate pcbs so only one butten press would trigger the same input on both systems.

Microsoft are real bitches about their controllers. PS3 takes any usb controller, including PS2 -> PC converters and stuff (pretty much everything that’s true plug and play, which 360 controllers are not of course).
360 on the other hand requires controllers to have a special chip of some sort, so they can control the gamepad market for their console I assume.

Seriously, most of the game complaints deal with Capcom titles on PS3. A lot of Capcom games in general run worse on PS3

Tekken runs best on PS3, VF is the more or less the same on both, no reported differences between KoF XIII yet, SC4 seems to be on the PS3 most of the time I’m guessing there’s a reason, Arcana Heart is on PS3 only in the US, MK9 I don’t see any reported differences.

PS3 also (use to) let you download things you bought from the PSN store onto 5 different consoles (save $$$).

PS3 is region free (I think?)

I thought there were controller issues with the 360 since they need to be licensed or something?

Tekken 5: DR was PS3 only

I think the two frame difference on PS3 is unacceptable. Hopefully SFxTekken won’t have that problem and it won’t matter what system you train on.

As long as developers choose to make their games multiplatform this sort of problem will persist. Mostly because that multiplatform release will guarantee that at least one of the ports will be inferior or flawed in some way.

It is and it’s funny to see people blame the console and not Capcom and then not nagging Capcom to patch it or make sure the differences that alter gameplay stop showing up in future titles.

Off the top of my head, I can think of three multiplatform fighting games that “perform” identically. Blazblue, Mortal Kombat, KOFXIII. Yes, mortal kombat lags during some x-rays on PS3, but all moves come out at the same frames per second. I believe MvC3 does as well but I cannot say that I am 100% sure. Capcom can easily fix this issue with better testing of their games.

the difference for sf4 on x360\ps3 is completely negligible iirc. Doesn’t even matter but for umvc3, I’d say its a HUGE difference

its a big problem for me because I play marvel and its the only game I care about. Its not a super big problem yet for the community, over half of the tourney games ran on ps3’s are played perfectly fine and meet the tournament standard. Its just a pain in the ass to play in the biggest tournament and have to play on an inferior version of the game for marvel.

even though t6 is multiplatform, I couldn’t spot any frame drop\frame skip on the x360 version compared to the ps3. However, I’m not a tekken pro by any means so I could be completely wrong. I think what namco is doing is designing their game to run perfectly on the worse system possible that they’re porting too. That way when the better port is released, their is hardly a difference between the competing systems.

A 2 frame difference is a pretty big deal when you have tons of one frame links and setups. But yea, like I said, I have no idea about mvc3 because I dont play it.

its all shades of grey I suppose

its 2 frames for you guys. ps3 umvc3 depending on whats going on could very well drop over 20 frames in a second and it basically starts slowing down any time there is a special effect going on. Definitely not steady amounts of slow down. Simple shit like calling dog assist just bogs the game to total shit that I would gladly prefer a 2frame difference over the travesty of umvc3 on ps3.

it gets pretty gay. The amount of frame dropping is directly related to what people do. The more shit people start doing, the more the game skips and that is just awful for a fighting game. Its never the same amount of slow down, its always a fucking variable amount of it and that’s what sucks the most about the ps3 version.

The main problem is that many of the multiplat games MUST be done on 360 first. As it turns out there ARE problems with the home port of Tekken 6/BR. The game is not running at 720p like it does on arcade, it runs at some goofy res like 540p.

Now one would wonder, “hey, wasn’t T6 arcade basically running on modified Sony hardware like every Namco FG for the past 15 years, and in this case a security locked PS3?” Well, it turns out that the 360 couldn’t handle that so the port was downgraded, which lead to worse graphics in order for it to run on the 360(remember the initial rumors of “we’re pushing the space limits on the DVD format” from Namco). That 360 port was then converted to PS3 so Namco could still release the game on 360 thanks to MS’s rules on multiplatform games…

Now, this point is moot since almost all T6 players are on PS3, which includes tourney play, but I have never noticed any actual gameplay differences. I will guarantee that those would have been noted within days of the ports dropping instead of the uproar over the shit netcode.

The only time I see a framerate drop on PS3 UMvC3 is at the beginning of a match with all 6 models on screen at once.

What rules?

Microsoft won’t allow a game to be released on its console if the game doesn’t have the same content as the game on the other platform.

do frame differences really matter for party games?