Ps3 input lag question


Does this apply to every PS3 game, due to the way the console is set up? Does this apply to regular PS3 bluetooth controllers, or just sticks?

it applies to the shitty programming done by dimps. no one cares anyways because evo is done on a ps3. look at namco for the opposite, tekken 6 lags slightly with the 360.

what would be more useful is to compare the consoles to the arcade version.

there is no input lag on the ps3

No. Some games lag differently compared to others. Wireless sticks lag more than wired. Some PCBs have more input lag than others. This site compares different games in terms of input lag, frame rate, tearing etc:

There is another Japanese site that compares the results of different sticks on the consoles/PCs etc.


tl;dr: There are loads of factors to consider when talking about input lag. In my experience, a low-lag screen is much better at reducing input lag than simply switching consoles.

Stop it right there. Theres a few things wrong with that post, I am not even going into all the details because of post length.

Its been tested and retested that modern wireless controllers on the PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 lags no more or less than there wired counter parts.
Only wireless controllers are even called into question for lag in the first place are 3rd party, 3rd rate controllers, even then the evidence against them are subjective at best. But you do get what you pay for. Only reason wireless controllers are avoided at Tournaments is most tournaments including Evo banned Wireless controllers for its ability to interrupt matches in progress.

Do not confuse game engine response time with input lag
Also visually heavy games will bog the CPU/ GPU down slowing the game it self, not cause input lag.

That has Nothing to do with actual lag as frame rate is too subjective to be considered a test of lag.
Tearing is a visual/Video glitch and has nothing to do with input.
When the game (regardless of system) slows down, frame rate or even visual/ video glitches it does not effect input lag as the entire game slows down.

Also most lag testing using 2 controllers are done unscientifically and/or using flawed logic.

Then don’t bother replying. I can also do “no, you’re wrong” posts with no evidence but it doesn’t help anyone. The lag between different PCBs has been tested, most recently this here:

[EDIT] Updated with more recent and probably more accurate comparison:

There is a Japanese blog that lists the different input lag rates between wireless and wired controllers in different games at different resolutsions.

EDIT: Here’s the site with the numbers:
At worst SSFIV lags 1f worse through the wireless controller compared to wired on 720p on the 360 and 0.4f more on the PS3.

I didn’t say frame rate and tearing have anything to do with lag. I said that channel compares games on different consoles based on those factors amongst other things.

More recently here:


ok buddy, that video has been debunked by toodles and the creator of the video has agreed that the test was probably faulty. check the front page. secondly, I think DarkSakul is trying to say that you’re making too many assumptions to answer a question that didn’t even include those factors.

yes different pcbs etc may lag, and tvs/monitors may lag but if you’re using the same equipment same pcb etc. then the only variable is the console.

Step 1: Get Evo monitor.
Step 2: Get PS3.
Step 3: Get stick/pad you want to play on.
Step 4: Practice and stop complaining about lag. .4f? Seriously? Continuous lag is a nightmare to measure, discrete lag alone is difficult enough. Get exactly what will be at a tournament, practice and play on it.

I’m tired of “omg half a frame of lag is going to ruin my game,” top tournament players seem to adapt just fine to different set ups. If you’re going to whine about .4 of a frame, your set up doesn’t need to level up. You need to level up.

It doesn’t matter that the vid has been debunked. What matters is that differences between PCBs exist. In the updated vid toodles demonstrates that the Qanba lags more than the Cthulhu, which is an example of what I’m talking about. If I had seen the updated vid I would have posted that instead (I replaced the vid in my post with toodles’ response)

BTW, which assumptions am I making? It’s a fact that LCDs can lag. It’s a fact that controllers can lag. It’s a fact that the input lag between the PS3 and 360 is different under different conditions. None of those are assumptions.

There is plenty of evidence, but I do not have to re-post first page info. And I do not need to find supporting evidance because your including way too many factors and lack of relevance to the OP’s post. This topic already been beaten to death on SRK more times that any one can count. There is no need for me to re-count was already been said a thousand times over.

Yes you did provide sources, but it means nothing if the sources are ether wrong or too heavily relied on interpretation.
Also You brought up crap like frame rate and tearing so you implied it, and all I stated it doesn’t matter, there no real impact.
If you are going to post make sure you have your facts straight first.

No amount of worrying about lag will make you a better player on ANY system. Only practice makes someone better.

I’ve lost to people on laggy TVs that I NEVER EVER EVER lose to on ‘lagless’ setups because of dropped combos, slower reaction time, etcetera. You really DO have to care about lag in tournaments and in practice. Idk if I’m misunderstanding your statement though.

No, I didn’t. You should learn to read. If you look on that channel you’ll find that not everything they compare is related to input lag.

This thread has got nothing to do with player skill. It has to do with input lag and everything mentioned so far (consoles, resolutions, controllers and screens) can all contribute to input lag. Yes in some games the PS3 lags more, but sometimes the most contributing factor can be the LCD, which is exactly what I said.

Input lag does not equal Display lag (and vice versa)

All you need to know about display Lag
The New HDTV Lag FAQ

You already have Toodles Video on Cthulhu Vs Qanba

You know how much a controller lags?
a millionth of a second, that less that 0.1 frames. a irrelevant amount of time when it comes to game play.

Comparing the PS3 to the Xbox 360 for lag is ridiculas as they are too different in terms of hardware architecture and coding.
The PS3 used a POWER PC Processor, Nvidia graphics and uses a variation of Unix for its OS
While the Xbox 360 uses a X86 family Processor, ATI Graphics chip and a Windows based OS.

It is like comparing a French Mediterranean Villa to a Texas Ranch House; or better yet comparing a Timber Wolf to a Cheetah.
They are too different to draw the same consensus on. Yes they do the same thing, but in completly diffrent ways.
One is faster visually while the other is a power house in processing.

With out a serious, impartial and scientific testing all you have is assumptions. You are just bringing in too many factors to take seriously.
To be serious about PS3 vs Xbox 360 input lag you need to eliminate all the unnecessary factors.
Same game, same TV/ Monitor, Same controller set up.
And you probability need to test with several games to eliminate the variations between ports on both systems.

All Multi console games are built for one console before it is built for the other, regardless of when the games are relased.
Often the later takes a hit in performance.

Games made for the Xbox 360 first shows tearing or frame rate drops in the PS3 version. Games that are made for the PS3 first have terrible textures/ graphics or handing issues in the Xbox 360.

Aw forget it, I shouldn’t argue with idiots. Go on and spout your half understandings of the “mysteries” of the inner workings of video games.

I going to sit on the side here and make pop corn

Are we talking local 2 players / Tournaments or Online multi-player?
As lag as nothing to do with how you play the game. You practice you get better, and no sweating lag in X is going to make you a better player.
Because in the end that is all it boils down to, how are you playing the game.

No shit.

Do you think I don’t know these things? Why would I want to bore anyone with pointless technical details if all they want to know if there’s a lag difference between the PS3 and 360? Post things THAT MATTER.

I take that back. If you do not understand how dropping a link in a game like SSFIV can cost you a tourney then don’t post again, ever.

Step1: Get a Dell U2312HM
Step 2: Get Xbox 360.
Step 3: Get stick/pad you want to play on.
Step 4: Enjoy the superior xbox live online gaming and enjoy a lagless offline game comparable with the arcade version.

Who cares about tournament or Evo setup comon. The most players never play on tournaments. Most important thing for casual players is the online experience. And even the most pros play on xbox live. There are enough tournaments which are played on xbox 360, evo only uses ps3 cause “they were there” (the consoles), thats all to it.

Stop arguing…

This thread is definitely going in the worst direction possible.

The core issue is whether or not the games themselves do perform differently between console ports.
The answer is of course yes as Darksakul and NewGen have both said before. Illitirit has also proposed some specific numbers with respect to such lag times.
As already explained before, the issue is generally based on the programming and porting from the arcade.

In a perfect tournament/gaming world for fighting games, we would be in an arcade, hosting tournaments on lagless standard arcade setups (unless its a certain type of viewlix cab, please don’t argue about that). However, that isn’t the case. Making an informed decision about what console you should get serious about is fine and all but even still the difference between the two is incredibly small, (less than 1f difference between the two consoles if I am to believe the data circulating in this thread). That’s half a frame, 1/120th of a second. Seriously… 1-2 frames if I am to believe that video.

Building from there is the lag based on setups. Once again in an ideal world we’d be in an arcade playing games like one happy, loud and salty family. Since we’re all out somewhere else, it depends on your monitors. Serious tournaments would have something like the Asus VH236H and the Dell U2312HM which have both been used as standards for tournaments and have as close as zero lag as possible. Going down from there is TV’s. Sure there exist tournaments that run on HDTV’s. There is nothing you can do about that and the way to mitigate damage from post-processing is basically to just try to close as many post-processing items as possible. Sure some people would be unhappy with such a thing, but if people want to take their game up to the next level, they’d just upgrade their equipment and practice.

With respect to arguing about PCB lag, all I can say is why? If we’re really going to argue about PCB lag you’d see that the lag appears at a decisive hair splitting milliseconds. In what scenario do you essentially have a mirror match where both you and the opponent essentially press the exact same input at the exact same time? It almost never happens like in a test environment in the test videos and I have yet seen a player explicitly exploit a PCB advantage consistently and I hope to God I never do. The moment someone advertises their advantages because of what PCB they put inside their controller is the moment I quit this hobby.

Also, sponsorship from Sony.

This works, too. But then people will call the Evo standard set up a laggy mess and start to rage that they’re idiots for taking sponsorship money in order to promote certain set ups.

If you play online, you might as well give up on anything lag free.